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Which Tokyo Revengers Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

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Tokyo Revengers’ various solid may be more or less divided into the twelve zodiac types. Who do you healthy with the maximum?

p>While Tokyo Revengers can also additionally middle round risky gangs and mysterious time travel, one of the series’ largest sights is the exciting solid of characters protagonist Takemichi encounters. Good or horrific, nearly each man or woman has their honest percentage of fanatics that adore them, flaws and all.

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Each man or woman has their very own precise character that draws positive audiences so it is best herbal that a few fanatics can be curious approximately which man or woman is maximum comparable to, or maximum well matched with themselves. For any diehard fanatics that percentage this feel of curiosity, right here is each Zodiac signal and the Tokyo Revengers man or woman that suits them the maximum.

12 Aquarius: Takashi Mitsuya

The Aquarius is a completely impartial and innovative character; whilst now no longer very expressive, they nonetheless very a great deal experience time with their buddies and treasure the ones they don’t forget close. Mitsuya is a high-quality suit for this signal as each he and the Aquarius are acknowledged to keep away from confrontation (whilst capable of) but nonetheless combat for any reasons they trust in.

Both events fee their buddies surprisingly and are frequently very dependable. Mitsuya and the Aquarius are very shrewd humans that deep thinkers and frequently use phrases earlier than resorting to violence.

eleven Pisces: Keisuke Baji

Baji can also additionally first seem as a piece of a hothead with not anything else to him, however after a touch digging, it is clean that he nonetheless has a coronary heart and cares deeply for his buddies. Baji is an appropriate Pisces as he’s compassionate but overly trusting at instances. Both events frequently hate being haunted through any errors or misfortunes in their beyond and convey the guilt of by accident harming their buddies.

The Pisces is frequently acknowledged to come to be as a sufferer or martyr for his or her ideals and Baji genuinely is the brave kind to sacrifice all he has withinside the call of what feels is right.

10 Aries: Mikey (Manjiro Sano)

The Aries is usually defined as a flurry of strength and erratic feelings and nobody suits the invoice higher than Toman leader, Mikey. Mikey hasĀ  aspects to him and nobody simply is aware of which facet they may be going to get. The Aries is thought to be moody, impatient, short-tempered, and aggressive.

However, the Aries (and Mikey) are frequently visible as brave, decided humans. Despite what adversity Mikey has faced, he maintains himself assured and constructive. Mikey’s trends as an Aries are genuinely what make him a super suit for the Tokyo Manji leader.

nine Taurus: Draken (Ken Ryuguji)

Draken can be a piece cussed and uncompromising at instances, however he is likewise a dependable buddy and accountable caretaker (for every time Mikey makes a decision to deliver out his infantile facet). Draken is Mikey’s right-hand guy and his function frequently includes the Taurus trait of compassionate staying power as Mikey’s temper swings may be hard to deal with with out it.

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Draken is a super suit for this signal because the Taurus is likewise acknowledged to be very committed and instead stable. It is Draken’s obligation to attain out to Mikey at his lowest factors and assist Mikey see thru his feelings whilst anger muddles his right judgment.

eight Gemini: Takemichy (Takemichi Hanagaki)

The Gemini is a super picture of Takemichi’s universal man or woman. Geminis are frequently mild humans deep down and capable of adapt to their environment quickly; studying any abilities alongside the way. Takemichi can also additionally frequently positioned himself down just like the indecisive and stressful Gemini, however whilst it comes right all the way down to it, they do the entirety of their strength to get the task done.

Takemichi and the Gemini can also additionally appear uncertain of themselves however it’s truly them being too self-important; they may be a great deal greater succesful than they lead directly to be.

7 Cancer: Shuji Hanma

Hanma is occasionally called an “adrenaline junkie”, searching out any new thrills to meet his want for danger; and the Cancer is greater comparable than one can also additionally think. The Cancer is defined as a tenacious and emotional character, frequently experiencing feelings that are “past their control” at instances.

Much like a Cancer signal, Hanma may be moody and manipulative. However, they’re additionally instead dependable to their very own reasons and frequently pick out to project themselves if you want to grow.

6 Leo: Emma Sano

Emma is the naive but warm-hearted half-sister of Toman’s leader, Mikey. While Emma does not get a ton of display time withinside the first season, her formidable character without difficulty shined thru, permitting audiences a glimpse into her actual colors. Emma is a naive younger female that hates being ignored, similar to a Leo.

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Also, like a Leo, Emma is type and loves interest or being handled like royalty (which appears to be what she wishes from her clueless crush, Draken). Leos have a tendency to be dramatic and formidable humans, and of course, Emma permit Takemichi understand precisely how formidable she became the primary time she became introduced.

five Virgo: Hinata Tachibana

Virgos and Hinata have a ton in not unusualplace; from their fierce loyalty to their tendency to fear an excessive amount of approximately the ones round them. Hinata and the Virgo are each very type humans that trust in tough paintings to obtain their dreams. They each additionally have a tendency to be humans with soft hearts that others desire to protect.

In addition to their massive hearts, each Hinata and the Virgo are acknowledged to be overly important of themselves and others; however of course, this complaint comes from right intentions, now no longer malice.

four Libra: Chifuyu Matsuno

Chifuyu is each protagonist, Takemichi’s right-hand guy, and a textbook instance of a Libra. Libras have a tendency to be very cooperative and diplomatic humans. Chifuyu is a type character that cares approximately his buddies deeply and has been visible to get alongside properly with nearly everybody.

Chifuyu, just like the Libra, dislikes violence, however that does not imply he’s going to permit his buddies go through whilst sitting down. Chifuyu has been visible averting confrontations whilst he can however did not hesitate to combat whilst the best call of Toman became at the line. Chifuyu, just like the Libra, can also additionally appear like a real fighter however is a mild soul deep down.

three Scorpio: Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutora is a high-quality suit for the Scorpio; each are powerful, passionate individuals. While Kazutora can also additionally have his moments of being distrusting, manipulative, and violent at instances (additionally just like the Scorpio), in the back of the ones horrific behavior are a great deal kinder intentions.

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Underneath all of the negative, lies a real buddy. Kazutora can also additionally have made his honest percentage of (massive) errors in his beyond, however as soon as the Scorpio learns their lesson, they’re obsessed with their increase and relationships with others.

2 Sagittarius: Akkun (Atsushi Sendo)

Akkun is Takemichi’s formative years first-class buddy with a coronary heart of gold. Akkun is constantly sticking his head out for others, promising greater than he can supply for the sake of creating his buddies experience greater relaxed approximately their problems.

Akkun is a high-quality instance of a Sagittarius as he is an constructive character this is complete of enthusiasm and is constantly clean approximately their intentions and ethical compass. Both Akkun and the Sagittarius love their freedom and are high-quality buddies to have through one’s facet.

1 Capricorn: Naoto Tachibana

Naoto is the very accountable and disciplined associate of the protagonist, Takemichi. The Capricorn and Naoto have lots in not unusualplace as they’re each referred to as a piece of a understand-it-all at instances that may be very severe and demanding through nature.

Naoto is evidently very diplomatic however can nonetheless come off as a piece condescending at instances whilst speakme to Takeimichi. He is a super suit for this signal as each he and the Capricorn additionally surprisingly fee subculture and family (particularly Naoto’s sister, Hinata).

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