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What’s Causing Your Abdominal Pain and How to Treat It

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Abdominal ache is ache that happens among the chest and pelvic regions. Abdominal ache may be crampy, achy, dull, intermittent, or sharp. It’s additionally referred to as a stomachache.

Localized ache is confined to at least one location of the stomach. This kind of ache is regularly resulting from troubles in a selected organ. The maximum not unusualplace purpose of localized ache is belly ulcers (open sores at the belly’s internal lining).

Cramp-like ache can be related to diarrhea, constipation, bloating, or flatulence. In humans assigned lady at start, it is able to be related to menstruation, miscarriage, or reproductive complications. This ache comes and goes, and may work away on its very own with out remedy.

Viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections that have an effect on the belly and intestines may additionally purpose widespread belly ache.

Types of belly ache

Not all belly ache is the same. For example, in case you’re experiencing acute belly ache, you’ve maximum in all likelihood simplest been handling the pain for approximately a week, perhaps less.

Chronic belly ache, on the alternative hand, is ache that’s steady or recurring. It lasts for a length of three months or longer.

Since there are some of gastrointestinal and systemic problems that cause belly ache, docs and healthcare specialists every now and then have a difficult time information the foundation purpose of the ache.

Progressive belly ache is ache that receives worse over time. Typically different signs arise because the belly ache progresses. Progressive belly ache is usually a signal of some thing greater critical. Read directly to research greater approximately the distinctive varieties of belly ache, inclusive of what and in which the ache happens and capacity reasons.

What is belly ache?

Abdominal ache can be felt everywhere among the chest and groin vicinity of your body. The ache can be generalized, localized, or it is able to experience like cramps to your belly. If you’ve got got cramping or pain to your belly, it is able to be because of fueloline, bloating, or constipation. Or it is probably a signal of a greater critical clinical condition.

Colicky ache withinside the stomach vicinity comes and goes. One moment, you could experience fine, however the next, you could enjoy sharp, unexpected ache to your stomach. Kidney stones and gallstones are regularly the purpose of this kind of ache.

What reasons belly ache?

Many situations can purpose belly ache. But the primary reasons are:


odd growths


obstruction (blockage)

intestinal problems


illnesses that have an effect on the organs withinside the stomach

Infections withinside the throat, intestines, and blood can purpose micro organism to go into your digestive tract, ensuing in belly ache. These infections may additionally purpose adjustments in digestion, like diarrhea or constipation.

Cramps related to menstruation also are a capacity supply of decrease belly ache, however those are greater usually recognised to purpose pelvic ache.

Other not unusualplace reasons of belly ache include:



gastroenteritis (belly flu)

acid reflux (whilst belly contents leak backward into the esophagus, inflicting heartburn and different signs)



Diseases that have an effect on the digestive device also can purpose continual belly ache. The maximum not unusualplace are:

gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

irritable bowel syndrome or spastic colon (a disease that reasons belly ache, cramping, and adjustments in bowel movements)

Crohn’s disease (an inflammatory bowel disease)

lactose intolerance (the lack of ability to digest lactose, the sugar located in milk and milk merchandise)

Causes of extreme belly ache include:

organ rupture or near-rupture (like a burst appendix, or appendicitis)

gallbladder stones (referred to as gallstones)

kidney stones

kidney infection

The area of the ache withinside the stomach can be a clue as to its purpose.

Pain that’s generalized for the duration of the stomach (now no longer in a single unique location) can also additionally indicate:

appendicitis (infection of the appendix)

Crohn’s disease

annoying injury

irritable bowel syndrome

urinary tract infection

the flu

Pain that’s centered withinside the decrease stomach can also additionally indicate:


intestinal obstruction

ectopic being pregnant (a being pregnant that happens outdoor the womb)

In humans assigned lady at start, ache withinside the reproductive organs of the decrease stomach may be resulting from:

extreme menstrual ache (referred to as dysmenorrhea)

ovarian cysts




pelvic inflammatory disease

ectopic being pregnant

Upper belly ache can be resulting from:


coronary heart attack

hepatitis (liver infection)


Pain withinside the middle of the stomach is probably from:




uremia (buildup of waste merchandise to your blood)

Lower left belly ache can be resulting from:

Crohn’s disease


kidney infection

ovarian cysts


Upper left belly ache is every now and then resulting from:

enlarged spleen

fecal impaction (hardened stool that can’t be eliminated)


kidney infection

coronary heart attack


Causes of decrease proper belly ache include:


hernia (whilst an organ protrudes via a weak point withinside the belly muscles)

kidney infection



Upper proper belly ache can also additionally end result from:





When to name the medical doctor approximately belly ache

Mild belly ache may work away with out remedy. For example, in case you’re experiencing belly ache due to fueloline or bloating, it is able to truly want to run its route.

But in a few cases, belly ache can also additionally warrant a journey to the medical doctor.

Call 911 in case your belly ache is extreme and related to trauma (from an twist of fate or injury) or stress or ache to your chest.

You need to searching for instant hospital therapy if the ache is so extreme that you may’t take a seat down nevertheless or want to twist right into a ball to get comfortable, or when you have any of the subsequent:

bloody stools

fever more than 101°F (38.33°C)

vomiting up blood (referred to as hematemesis)

continual nausea or vomiting

yellowing of the pores and skin or eyes

swelling or extreme tenderness of the stomach

issue breathing

Make an appointment together along with your medical doctor in case you enjoy any of the subsequent signs:

belly ache that lasts longer than 24 hours

extended constipation


a burning sensation whilst you urinate


lack of appetite

unexplained weight loss

Call your medical doctor in case you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and also you enjoy belly ache.

If you don’t have already got a gastroenterologist, the Healthline FindCare device allow you to discover a medical doctor to your location.


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Abdominal ache diagnosis

The purpose of belly ache may be recognized via a chain of checks in addition to an sincere verbal exchange together along with your medical doctor approximately what you’re experiencing. Before ordering checks, your medical doctor will do a bodily examination. This consists of lightly urgent on diverse regions of your stomach to test for tenderness and swelling.

Be organized to reply the subsequent questions:

Where precisely are you feeling the ache?

Has the ache continually been on this one area, or has it moved?

How extreme is the ache?

Is the ache steady, or does it come and pass in waves?

Is the ache so awful that it’s interfering together along with your every day life?

What had been you doing whilst the ache began?

Is there a time of day whilst the ache is the worst?

When became your final bowel movement?

Do you’ve got got everyday bowel movements?

Have you observed any adjustments to your urine?

Have you made any most important adjustments for your food plan?

People of reproductive age who had been assigned lady at start will also be requested questions on their sexual and menstruation history.

When utilized in attention of the severity of the ache and its area withinside the stomach, this statistics will assist your medical doctor decide which checks to order.

Imaging checks, like MRI scans, ultrasounds, and X-rays, are used to view organs, tissues, and different systems withinside the stomach in detail. These checks can assist diagnose tumors, fractures, ruptures, and infection.

Other checks include:

colonoscopy (to appearance in the colon and intestines)

endoscopy (to hit upon infection and abnormalities withinside the esophagus and belly)

top GI (a unique X-ray check that makes use of comparison dye to test for the presence of growths, ulcers, infection, blockages, and different abnormalities withinside the belly)

Blood, urine, and stool samples will also be accumulated to search for proof of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections.

Treatment and domestic treatments for belly ache

How belly ache is handled is particularly depending on the diagnosis. Medications that lessen infection can also additionally assist with belly pains due to ulcers.

But different situations, like kidney stones, can also additionally require greater in depth remedy like surprise wave lithotripsy. Inflammation of the gall bladder may require gall bladder surgery.

Your medical doctor may prescribe a ache-enhancing drug, like amitriptyline or trazodone, to deal with the ache. These can also additionally assist extrade the manner the mind tactics ache signals.

If you and your medical doctor have decided that your belly ache isn’t always the end result of a critical clinical condition, there are some of domestic fitness treatments that can offer relief. Here’s a quick list:

bitters and soda


chamomile tea

BRAT food plan (bananas, rice, apple sauce, toast)


apple cider vinegar

heating pad

heat bath

How can I save you belly ache?

Not all styles of belly ache are preventable. But you may reduce the threat of growing belly ache by:

consuming a healthful food plan

ingesting masses of water

exercise regularly

consuming smaller meals

If you’ve got got an intestinal disease, like Crohn’s disease, observe the food plan your medical doctor has given you to reduce pain. If you’ve got got GERD, don’t devour inside 2 hours of bedtime.

Lying down too quickly after consuming can also additionally purpose heartburn and belly ache. Try ready at the least 2 hours after consuming earlier than mendacity down.


If you’re experiencing belly ache, it’s vital which you don’t leap to conclusions due to the fact it’s regularly now no longer critical. Speak together along with your medical doctor if the ache is continual or progressive. If acute belly ache is extreme, name your medical doctor so that you can get to the lowest of what’s going on and start the right route of remedy.

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