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Squid Game ending explained — unraveling all the twists

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After looking the Squid Game finishing, you may have a number of questions. The finale of the famous Netflix display is as divisive, and at instances confusing, because the display is addictive. 

In fact, you could sense that the Squid Game finishing permit you to down. But if you are nonetheless seeking to make feel of it all, we are gonna wreck it down for you. Of course, pay attention spoilers for the whole lot of Squid Game below!

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Squid Game finishing: The very last recreation 

Park Hae-soo as Cho Sang-woo, Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun and Jung Ho-yeon as Sae-byeok Squid Game

(Image credit: YOUNGKYU PARK)

Seong Gi-hun and Cho Sang-woo input their 6th and very last assignment in a quite tough state. Sae-byeok has simply died, and we are all quite certain Sang-woo killed her, and withinside the on the spot aftermath of her passing, it is time to play every other recreation.

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Gi-hun wins a coin-turn to get the proper to pick offense or protection for Squid Game, the sport that we first noticed a glimpse of on the begin of episode one. He chooses offense. Winning Squid Game occurs in one in all methods. A participant on offense could make it to the “squid’s head” at the field, passing the defender, or a participant may be the closing one standing (i.e., their opponent dies).


Gi-hun is compelled to hop on one foot as he attacks, because the offense has to have a handicap till they breach the “squid’s neck.” Before he receives there, aleven though, Gi-hun (enraged with the aid of using the state of affairs at hand), throws a fistful of sand in Sang-woo’s face, to blind him. He then reminds his opponent that this turned into a recreation they performed as kids. Except they did not have knives lower back then, as it truly is the evil twist to this spherical

Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun and Park Hae-soo as Cho Sang-woo in Squid Game

As rain starts offevolved to pour, the 2 argue and Sang-woo admits to killing Sae-byeok (aleven though she had already been bleeding profusely). Gi-hun says she might have been saved, however Sang-woo admits he feared an alliance among her and Gi-hun — and that he’d instead homicide than hazard leaving the video games with out the cash. Gi-hun tells Sang-woo that Sae-byeok had nearly covered him, preventing him from killing Sang-woo. 

As the 2 fight, Sang-woo then stabs Gi-hun twice — as soon as withinside the thigh, and the alternative (shockingly) withinside the hand — however Gi-hun refuses to live down. He additionally says he refuses to permit Sang-woo depart with the cash. But, withinside the quit, Gi-hun refuses to go the road that Sang-woo did, displaying mercy to him whilst he has him pinned at the ground. He attempts to quit the sport with the aid of using truely on foot to the “squid’s head.”

But then a protect pursuits their gun on the fallen Sang-woo, which forces Gi-hun to invite that the video games be ended with a vote. Sang-woo does not permit this happen, and after he tells Gi-hun to assist his mom, he stabs his personal throat. 

With the sport over, the Front Man takes Gi-hun lower back domestic. Before he throws him out of a car, he compares the fights that the Squid Game competition have needed to the pony races that Gi-hun wager on in advance withinside the season. He even says, “you humans are the horses,” to ensure it sounds as sickening an inhumane as possible.

The aftermath is difficult to stay with

The invitation card in Squid Game

Left at the raining streets of Seoul, with a gold debit card (to be unlocked together along with his Squid Game uniform variety ‘0456’) in his mouth, Gi-hun has earned his 45.6 billion Won. But, as they constantly say, “at what cost?”

With 455 lifeless gamers in his shadow, Gi-hun walks to an ATM and takes 10,000 Won out. On his manner domestic, Gi-hun encounter Sang-woo’s mom who indicates that she’s one of the pleasant humans on this display: giving him unfastened meals and asking after her son. But she additionally says that Gi-hun’s mom hasn’t been at paintings in days. This is a chunk of a bracing caution to the audience, as Gi-hun’s go back domestic confirms our fears: his mom is lifeless. He reveals her at the floor, wondering she’s simply asleep till she does not wake up. 

Gi-hun then spends the subsequent year — that is exceeded in a flash-forward — in a depression. He is dwelling the equal type of existence he turned into dwelling earlier than, ingesting beers at the financial institution of the Han River, in preference to spending his winnings. His daughter has additionally moved to the United States together along with her mom and stepfather. 

Gi-hun, visible unkempt on a teach with a number of facial hair that grew in the ones months, is going to a financial institution. The supervisor of the financial institution summoned him to invite approximately why his cash is simply sitting there, unspent, and now no longer incomes an awful lot interest. The financial institution supervisor gives him one in all many methods to earn greater interest, because the financial institution has new merchandise for “VIPs.” Hearing that word, which references the guys who watched the Squid Games, Gi-hun stands up and simply asks for 10,000 Won from his savings. He then is going to drink at the river financial institution, persevering with the existence he had earlier than he have become rich.

But whilst Gi-hun buys vegetation from a lady promoting them at the water, he notices that a unique card turned into connected to his purchase. A card containing a glowing gold Squid Game invite card. It’s addressed “out of your gganbu.”

Squid Game finishing‘s large reveal: It turned into Il-nam all along

O Yeong-su as Oh Il-nam in Squid Game

Gi-hun follows the invitation to a skyscraper in which he walks right into a cavernous room Il-nam (the antique guy with participant variety 001), is on existence support. Yes, he did not die withinside the marbles recreation

Il-nam factors right all the way down to the streets, at a person who he believes to be homeless who’s at the streets and in all likelihood to freeze to demise if he is now no longer helped. Il-nam asks Gi-hun if he could assist that guy, “that smelly, human piece of trash.” As Gi-hun angrily asks what is going on on, Il-nam then gives a wager: if no person allows the terrible guy with the aid of using nighttime, Il-nam wins. If a person allows him earlier than then, Gi-hun wins. Angrily, Gi-hun threatens to snap his neck. Il-nam tells him to play the sport or hazard now no longer getting answers.

O Yeong-su as Oh Il-nam in Squid Game

Il-nam confirms this is his actual call, and that he has a tumor, which has been growing. A stranger nearly allows the homeless guy, however does now no longer. Il-nam asks after Gi-hun’s unspent winnings and guilt. 

We then examine that Il-nam is the writer of the sport. It turned into a undertaking that Il-nam and his rich customers devised due to the fact they had been too bored with the aid of using the joyless existence of being filthy rich. Il-nam even claims that dwelling isn’t anyt any amusing for the super-rich. Il-nam performed the video games due to the fact he desired to sense some thing for one closing time earlier than he died. And that Il-nam had simply permit Gi-hun win the marbles spherical due to the fact he loved gambling with him.

Then, the law enforcement officials come to assist the homeless guy, proper because the clock moves nighttime and as Il-nam dies. Again, triumphing is worthless. 

Squid Game finishing: Gi-hun’s purple hair and aircraft choices explained

We then see Gi-hun on the barber shop, in which he makes a choice to dye his hair vivid purple, after he sees a image of version with the equal shadeation hair at the wall. This choice, in step with Squid Game author and director Hwang Dong-hyuk (speakme with Zapzee(opens in new tab)), is to reveal Gi-hun’s internal anger. 

Specifically, Dong-hyuk said “I concept approximately this intuitively, considering how Gi Hun have to alternate his hair in a hair salon. I imagined being him and concept to myself, ‘what’s the shadeation which you could in no way pick to dye your hair?’ Then I got here to the realization that Gi Hun could in no way dye his hair purple. It will be the craziest element for him to do. So I selected the shadeation and I concept it simply confirmed his internal anger.”

Then, Gi-hun is going to satisfy Sae-byeok’s more youthful brother, who asks approximately his sister’s whereabouts. We do not see Gi-hun provide an explanation for or deny the kid an answer, however he says that he and Sae-byeok had been friends. The then meet with Sang-woo’s mom, who adopts the kid, whose call is Kang Cheol. Then, Sang-woo’s mom desires Gi-hun a very good ride earlier than coming across that his baggage is packed with Gi-hun’s winnings.

Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun in Squid Game

On his manner to the airport to fly to the U.S. to look his daughter, Gi-hun sees the Salesman (Gong Yoo) going for walks the equal slapping and paper-flipping recreation on a brand new mark. Gi-hun runs to get his fingers at the guy, however he is gone. He then needs that the fellow now no longer take that offer.

Right earlier than Gi-hun receives at the aircraft, he stops in his tracks. He selections up his phone, and calls the video games masters to check in for the sport. He exhibits his identification to the man or woman on the alternative quit, and pronounces that he is now no longer a horse however a man or woman. That he wishes to realize who is in the back of this. On the alternative quit, the Front Man receives at the phone, identifies Gi-hun as participant 456 and encourages him to get at the aircraft.

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