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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 review: The fun foldable gets refined

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The Galaxy Z Flip four is much less an innovation and greater of a refinement of final yr’s model. It sports activities slimmer bezels and flatter edges to make for a greater premium-feeling device. Even with that, it’s nevertheless a a laugh little telecellsmartphone. Samsung is genuinely leaning into the younger crowd with the content material advent capabilities and fashionable vibe of the handset, leaving the “mature” and “professional” search for the Galaxy Z Fold four.

But I should say the equal for the Galaxy Z Flip three. It turned into additionally a a laugh telecellsmartphone, however with hundreds of enhancements over its predecessor consisting of an intensive redesign. So what makes the Galaxy Z Flip four stand out? To be flawlessly honest, now no longer all that plenty. But maintain your horses, due to the fact it truly is now no longer genuinely a awful thing.

Samsung did enhance the cameras a chunk through the usage of a brighter predominant sensor for higher low-mild photos. But the ultrawide digital digicam stays the equal and the Galaxy Z Flip four’s cameras carry out almost similar to the Galaxy Z Flip three’s — this is to say, now no longer on the extent of what you will assume from a $999 telecellsmartphone. The night time mode, however, is excellent.

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As you’ll see this Galaxy Z Flip four review, I locate myself instead ambivalent approximately this telecellsmartphone. It’s now no longer the improve I desired to peer over final yr, however it’s clearly a exceptional improve over final yr, particularly in terms of battery lifestyles.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip four review: Price and availability

You can now purchase the Galaxy Z Flip four from Samsung or different shops and companies as of August 26. If you’ve got already made your thoughts up, you could pre-order the telecellsmartphone now from Samsung to get a unfastened garage improve and a Silicone Ring Case or Strap Case to place it in.

The Galaxy Z Flip four begins offevolved at $999/£999 with 128GB of garage and 8GB of RAM, similar to final yr for U.S. customers, however a hint greater for U.K. buyers. You pays greater for a 256GB model ($1,059) or the brand new 512GB model ($1,179) in case you need a few greater garage room, however it truly is the simplest difference.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip four review: Design

From the outside, the Galaxy Z Flip four infrequently appears any different. If you adore the clamshell foldable layout, you’ll likely be OK with this. The telecellsmartphone suits flawlessly in my pocket with out protruding just like the satisfactory huge telephones do.

The Galaxy Z Flip three had a few quite huge bezels, so the Galaxy Z Flip four appears lots purifier and greater modern.

Like final yr, Samsung has furnished a numerous slate of colour alternatives for the Galaxy Z Flip four. There’s the Graphite alternative in case you need some thing sensible, however you can choose the greater energetic Blue, Pink Gold or Bora Purple alternatives.

galaxy z turn four sitting on a desk

If you appearance a bit further, however, you’ll note that the Galaxy Z Flip four has flatter edges this yr. They’re sleek unfortunately, and therefore slippery, however they nevertheless manipulate to feature a few quality grip to an already ergonomic telecellsmartphone. The digital digicam module stands proud a chunk greater in this model, probably due to the brand new predominant 12MP sensor.

Samsung touted the slimmer and lighter hinge, aleven though the Galaxy Z Flip four nevertheless has a totally considerable hinge hole whilst the telecellsmartphone is closed — that is the space among the 2 shows on the hinge whilst folded. I had was hoping for a gapless layout just like the Oppo Find N, as rumors suggested, however it appears Samsung desired to awareness greater at the hinge weight and bulk as opposed to the space.

galaxy z turn four in purple

The 1.nine-inch cowl show stays, imparting you beneficial facts and get admission to to matters consisting of Samsung Wallet or SmartThings. Opening the telecellsmartphone, I straight away observed the slimmer bezels. The Galaxy Z Flip three had a few quite huge ones, so the Galaxy Z Flip four appears lots purifier and greater modern.

The side-installed energy button additionally doubles because the fingerprint sensor like final yr, and I preserve to locate its placement awkward and unnaturally high. Don’t get me commenced at the extent rocker, that is close to the pinnacle of the top half’s proper side. The fingerprint sensor itself may be very short when you area your finger properly.

The Galaxy Z Flip four didn’t revolutionize the layout just like the Galaxy Z Flip three did. This technology very glaringly specializes in small enhancements.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip four review: Displays

On the inside, the Galaxy Z Flip four sports activities a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED show with a 1080p decision and an adaptive 1-120Hz refresh rate. Out of the box, it’s deeply saturated withinside the function Samsung manner — gotta display off the AMOLED’s colour capabilities. The cowl display screen measures 1.nine inches and it’s additionally a Super AMOLED. This is terrific for when you have a image on your wallpaper on that little panel.

Galaxy Z Flip four Galaxy S22 Plus iPhone thirteen Pro

Display length Inner: 6.7 inches; Cover: 1.nine inches 6.6 inches 6.1 inches

sRGB (%) 188 (Vivid) / 110 (Natural) 212 (Natural) / 128 (Natural) 117

DCI-P3 (%) 132 (Vivid) / 78 (Natural) 150 (Vivid) / 91 (Natural) 83

Delta-E zero.36 (Natural) / zero.24 (Natural) zero.35 (Vivid) / zero.23 (Natural) zero.27

Peak brightness (nits) 772 1150 1024

The Galaxy Z Flip four falls in the back of each the Galaxy S22 Plus and iPhone thirteen Pro in phrases of brightness. While 772 nits is superb and clearly legible outdoors, it is difficult to unsee the brilliant S22 Plus and iPhone shows when you get used to them. But the Flip four became in terrific outcomes with our colour benchmarks, even proving greater colour correct than the iPhone thirteen Pro. (The Delta-E rating measures colour accuracy, wherein zero is perfect.)

galaxy z turn four folded on a desk

Watching the trailer for Blade Runner 2049, for example, turned into a exquisite revel in with the neons and vicious orange tones. Even the trailer for The Rings of Power seemed appropriate in this display screen, even though the display itself does now no longer.

galaxy z turn four in pink

The show crease, or the joint wherein the 2 shows meet, stays with the Galaxy Z Flip four. Unfortunately, it additionally stays instead prominent. You can see it in maximum situations and sense it whenever you slide your finger over it. I had was hoping that Samsung could have discovered a manner to deal with this with the Flip four, however that doesn’t appear to be the case. I don’t love it any greater than I did with the Galaxy Z Flip three.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip four review: Cameras

With a 12MP predominant sensor that Samsung says is 65% brighter, the Galaxy Z Flip four made marginal enhancements over the Galaxy Z Flip three. The 12MP ultrawide digital digicam is the equal, as is the 10MP inner selfie cam. And from my testing, the software program doesn’t appear to have modified plenty, either. But the night time mode actually has.

galaxy z turn four cowl show

Since the Galaxy Z Flip four costs $999, I delivered out the similarly-priced iPhone thirteen Pro Max for the subsequent image comparisons. The Pro Max would possibly be $one hundred greater than the Galaxy Z Flip four, however the $999 iPhone thirteen Pro has the equal cameras.

Starting off with this playground set outside, the Galaxy Z Flip four’s picturegraph is fairly brighter and greater saturated than the iPhone thirteen Pro Max’s. The latter has a greater subdued colour profile and higher publicity manage in comparison to the Flip four.

The hues of the slide and timber past are lots greater correct than withinside the Flip four’s shot. You can see guidelines of the Flip coming near overexposure withinside the brightness of the treeline close to the sky. Overall, I assume the Flip four has an excellent image, however I select the iPhone’s greater practical appearance.

Staying outside, here’s a bowl of fruit to check the Galaxy Z Flip four’s colour reproduction. As you could see, the end result are very vibrant, however additionally too fantastical. This is Samsung’s calling card, or as a minimum it turned into earlier than the Galaxy S22. I’m now no longer pleased to peer the company’s vintage oversaturated methods stick around. The image appears unnatural.

Look on the iPhone thirteen Pro Max’s picturegraph. The hues are nevertheless shiny and inviting, however they don’t sear my eyes. It’s additionally a cooler picturegraph, while the Flip made my pergola desk a chunk yellow. I plenty select the iPhone’s shot due to the fact it’s were given some distance truer-to-lifestyles colour accuracy, more potent publicity manage, and higher white stability.

Heading inside, I took this image of a few brightly coloured books. The Galaxy Z Flip four’s saturation and publicity problem stands proud straight away. Some of the ee-e book spines appearance blown out because the telecellsmartphone regarded to attempt to over-brighten the picturegraph. The pinks don’t appearance appropriate whilst the reds are too shiny.

Contrast this with the iPhone thirteen Pro Max’s shot. With plenty higher manage of colours and publicity, the iPhone produced an inviting image that higher suggests off the books, even the vivid ones. I simplest had hassle analyzing more than one the titles, while the Flip four had greater that I had troubles making out. I assume the iPhone did a higher activity here. The Flip four appeared to over-accurate for the indoor lighting.

Moving over to my kitchen with the equal bowl of fruit as earlier than, it’s a barely higher tale than outside. The Galaxy Z Flip four reined in its oversaturation a tad, however this time misplaced a number of the sharpness in its awareness. Some of the fruit, just like the lemon, appearance fuzzy as though they misplaced a few texture. White stability, however, appears fine.

With the iPhone thirteen Pro Max, the picturegraph has greater correct hues, however I’m now no longer partial to the hotter tones. But the point of interest is sharp, including wealthy information to the end result and the basket wherein they lie. I don’t assume there’s a clean winner on this one.

I examined the Galaxy Z Flip four’s ultrawide lens with the scene of this pond in the back of my house. Here we see Samsung’s fantastical appearance worse than whatever from the primary digital digicam. Not simplest are the timber manner too inexperienced, however I can see the symptoms and symptoms of an excessive amount of warmth — the white stability appears off. Granted, the Flip four produced a few quality element withinside the leaves and I just like the feel of depth, however I do now no longer just like the yellow-inexperienced colour profile.

Looking on the iPhone thirteen Pro Max’s ultrawide picturegraph makes the above observations greater obvious. The hues appearance plenty greater herbal and the white stability is in test. However, wherein the iPhone falls in the back of the Flip four lies withinside the sky. See how the iPhone’s image appears too shiny proper above the timber? You can infrequently make out the clouds. Not so withinside the Flip four’s.

I actually have to name a draw in this one. The iPhone loses factors for the overexposed sky, however the Flip four falters on its hues and white stability.

The pics from each telephones appearance remarkably similar. The Galaxy Z Flip four implemented a pleasing bokeh impact and has appropriate lighting. However, I assume it implemented an excessive amount of face smoothing, lowering my herbal ruddiness. My eyes also are a chunk too dark.

The iPhone thirteen Pro Max additionally has a pleasing bokeh impact and terrific lighting. It higher captures my likeness and facial complexion, in addition to making my eyes brighter and lighter, just like they may be in actual lifestyles. Both pics appearance terrific, however I deliver the nod to the iPhone because it ranks better in accuracy.

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