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Pixel 6a after 1 month of use: an iPhone killer or just another affordable Android phone?

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It’s been greater than a month seeing that I switched to the Pixel 6a as my major and handiest telecellsmartphone, and I sense that’s a terrific time to truely get to recognise the telecellsmartphone a piece greater than simply the standard review, so in case you are involved to analyze whether or not I can nevertheless propose the Pixel 6a after that preliminary honeymoon period… examine on!

In my unique review, I talked how the Pixel 6a moves a fantastic stability among price, effective chipset and features, and after a complete month of use, all of that stands actual and the telecellsmartphone has been normally fantastic for me.

I actually have encountered the occasional computer virus right here and there, and I actually have additionally observed some smaller troubles I idea would not trouble me, which in reality did turn out to be being pretty annoying. Still, in case you are searching out the tl;dr, right here it is: I actually have now no longer visible whatever to the quantity of the court cases I actually have heard approximately the Pixel 6 own circle of relatives and dwelling with the Pixel 6a has normally been easy sailing.


What’s proper

Some small telephones nowadays are too small, however the Pixel moves simply the proper stability 

Let me begin with what I love approximately the Pixel 6a and why I without difficulty switched to it the instant I positioned my palms at the telecellsmartphone. For me, that changed into plenty approximately the mixture of compact size, speedy performance, and affordable price.


I apprehend that telecellsmartphone makers can positioned all the cameras and technology in a bigger telecellsmartphone, however even the 6.4-inch Pixel 6 felt manner too large for me, and the Pixel 6 Pro with its 6.7-inch display felt gigantic. A telecellsmartphone is some thing I generally deliver in my pocket, and if it makes it uncomfortable for me to stroll or take a seat down down, well… sorry, however that’s a dealbreaker!

On the opposite hand, I sense that a few gadgets may be too small. I used the Asus Zenfone nine simply earlier than the Pixel, and it’s only a tiny bit narrower however sufficient to sense too cramped for typing, at the same time as the Pixel 6a moves simply the proper medium. I is probably manner too choosy approximately this, however in case you sense similarly, drop a remark below, I’d be happy to pay attention I’m now no longer by myself in this.

Not as soon as have I felt sorry that the Pixel 6a is fabricated from plastic. Quite the opposite, I am terrified of the use of a telecellsmartphone fabricated from glass with out a case, it feels too fragile, at the same time as with the Pixel, I changed into the use of it with out a case and with out demanding an excessive amount of approximately it. The telecellsmartphone now has some tiny scratches, however not anything major, so sturdiness has been proper too. It additionally allows that the telecellsmartphone is pretty less costly, so even supposing I broken it, I wouldn’t sense pretty as horrible as while losing a $1,000 telecellsmartphone.


Is the Pixel 6a a terrific digital digicam?

In this beyond month, I haven’t used the digital digicam as a good deal as I generally do, and I assume that is probably coincidence, however can also additionally additionally be approximately this telecellsmartphone lacking a number of my favourite digital digicam features. I like to shoot portrait mode images, however Pixel snap shots appearance horrible at 2X virtual zoom, and 1X snap shots simply do not appearance proper to my eye. To be flawlessly honest, I am now no longer a large fan of Pixel colorations in images throughout the day, they lack a piece in warmth, however that may be a non-public desire.

I additionally movie myself every now and then at the same time as operating out and maintaining a vlog of the workouts. When you movie yourself, you frequently should trim the start and the stop of the video in which you installation the digital digicam, and the Pixel is pretty sluggish at that. Trimming a forty 2nd 4K video right all the way down to a story-pleasant 15 seconds can take a totally lengthy at the same time as. Compare this to an iPhone in which that slightly takes a moment, and it is a big difference. 


But let’s be realistic, that is a mid-variety telecellsmartphone and as compared to the competition, the likes of the Galaxy A53 and the iPhone SE, I sense it’s a step above each of those. The iPhone SE may file barely higher video, however the Pixel honestly shines in low mild images and has an ultra-huge digital digicam. And as compared to the Galaxy A53, I sense the Pixel simply beats it squarely in all scenarios, daylight images have manner higher dynamic variety, night time images are hugely higher, and 4K video at the Pixel has right stabilization, at the same time as the Galaxy does now no longer have that.


What’s bad?

Give me greater watts, Google!

Okay, you would possibly sense my tone converting and this is due to the fact it’s time to proportion my largest frustration with the Pixel 6a and that has were given to be the sluggish charging time. I hate to apply my telecellsmartphone at the same time as it’s charging, it’s a puppy peeve of mine, appears like it’s you and now no longer simply the telecellsmartphone tethered to that silly cable. But oh boy have I been the use of this Pixel at the same time as it’s charging plenty!

Battery lifestyles at the Pixel 6a is normally average, which I might haven’t any trouble with if the telecellsmartphone changed into charging quickly. But it’s now no longer! It takes an eternity to charge, it handiest helps 18W charging speeds and it takes almost 2 hours to absolutely charge. Two lengthy hard hours.

And seeing that it’s generally withinside the low digits at night time once I generally need to apply my telecellsmartphone the maximum, that is precisely once I should form of babysit it at the same time as it’s charging. Super annoying!


A few minor troubles

There are different small troubles I actually have with this Pixel. The fingerprint scanner is truly at the sluggish side. I actually have heard a few different critiques point out which you form of get used to it, however I in my opinion haven’t. It nevertheless appears like a chore. A couple of instances it failed me at the same time as I changed into looking to pay, which changed into a piece frustrating, of course, you could usually kind on your numerical PIN code, however annoying.

The Pixel 6a is likewise very slippery and may without problems slide off sure tables. This is one of the matters I idea would not matter, however it has, and at the same time as I have not had the telecellsmartphone fall on me, I should pay more interest now no longer to area it display down and make certain it is withinside the center of the desk in place of towards the edge.


I do not know what’s there approximately haptics that Google did wrong, however at the same time as haptic comments at the same time as typing and the use of the telecellsmartphone feels quality and tight, you get a totally nasty, outstanding loud vibration while the telecellsmartphone buzzes with notifications left on a desk. I actually have needed to dial returned vibration depth pretty a piece and I nevertheless discover it too strong, a lot in order that I keep away from leaving the telecellsmartphone laying flat on a desk and prop it towards my pockets simply to keep away from the obnoxiously loud vibration.

The loss of a quick refresh charge is some thing else this is form of noticeable, however my non-public enjoy has been that it is one of the matters that does not trouble me as a good deal as one may assume. Your mileage can also additionally vary, of course, and it does not assist that during a few countries, the Pixel 6 with 90Hz speedy refresh charge is now offered for simply $50 greater than the Pixel 6a.

I should additionally point out that the Android thirteen replace that changed into speculated to arrive greater than per week ago, handiest arrived on my Pixel 6a as I am writing this, so there was a piece of delay. It’s humorous to whinge approximately that once different manufacturers should watch for months, however if, like me, you’re the form of man or woman who begins offevolved checking for that new replace it really is withinside the information more than one instances according to day, and it is now no longer there, it is form of annoying.


So… is the Pixel 6a an “iPhone killer”?

A finances iPhone killer at least?


So as you could see, I actually have pretty some little court cases, however that does not imply that I have not loved the use of the Pixel 6a. Yes, it’s now no longer the proper telecellsmartphone, however it receives the task executed in a manner that I assume is a long way higher than maximum different mid-variety telephones.

It has the proper quantity of display actual estate (in contrast to the iPhone SE), it has first rate battery lifestyles, it has a terrific digital digicam (a long way higher than the Galaxy A53), and the smooth software program is a large win. So if there has been a telecellsmartphone of the yr award only for less costly telephones, the Pixel 6a might nevertheless truly get my vote, in spite of its shortcomings.

Would I propose you purchase it? Well, that’s with a view to decide, however if you could get the Pixel 6 for simply $50 greater and do not thoughts the larger size, you’ll get a higher enjoy there. As for me, with my desire of compact telephones, I recognise I might nevertheless pick the Pixel 6a and it’s going to live in my drawer as a backup telecellsmartphone even supposing I transfer to a special telecellsmartphone now.

Let me recognise your enjoy with the Pixel 6a and whether or not you proportion my mind approximately it withinside the feedback below!

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