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Peloton Tread review: 100 miles later, here’s what we think

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Is the Peloton Tread absolutely deserving of all of the hype? I’ve run greater than one hundred miles on it to discover. 

Like the Peloton Bike, the Peloton Tread’s recognition is because of the huge variety of stay and on-call for lessons with teachers who’ve a cult-like following. Whether you’re schooling on your first 5K, or gearing up for an ultramarathon, having a treadmill in your private home could make becoming the miles in a touch easier, in particular while the evenings attract and the temperature drops. Peloton simply elevated the period in their person trial, right here’s wherein to discover greater, you could additionally now join your Apple Watch to the Peloton Tread. 


Dimensions: 68” L x 33” W x 62” H

Screen: 23.eight inches HD touchscreen

Running surface: 59” L x 20” W

Weight: 290 lb

Max person weight: three hundred lb

Motor: three HP DC

Max velocity: 12.five mph

Incline: 0-12.five%

Connectivity: Wireless and Bluetooth

Peloton Tread at Peloton for £2,545

As a person who has examined and reviewed treadmills for years, it’s secure to mention that the Peloton Tread is one of the pleasant I’ve ever used. It’s compact sufficient to suit into maximum residing rooms, it has a large, smooth-to-see display, and a number of game-converting layout functions I’ve now no longer visible elsewhere. The downside, of course, is the subscription fee. Thinking of making an investment? Read my complete Peloton Tread evaluation right here. 

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Peloton Tread evaluation: Price and subscription costs 

The Peloton Tread costs $2,495/£2,295, despite the fact that there are some of installment plan alternatives to be had. On pinnacle of this, you’ll want to pay a Peloton subscription which costs $39/£39 consistent with month. It’s really well worth noting, the fee of the Tread is because of move up after January 31, as buyers will ought to pay $350 for the transport and set up of the machine. This brings the fee to $2,845/£2545. 


There’s absolute confidence approximately it — it’s an pricey investment. That said, in case you use the treadmill regularly, I’d argue that it’s nevertheless inexpensive than maximum health clubnasium memberships. You also can create more than one profiles at the treadmill, so if you could convince a person else withinside the residence to cut up the month-to-month subscription fee with you, it receives even greater affordable. 

A image of the Peloton Tread

I could say, however, that in case you’re searching out a treadmill wherein you could simply run on, the Peloton Tread isn’t really well worth it. The important promoting factor right here is the lessons — they’re what elevates this treadmill from excellent to great, so in case you’re now no longer stricken approximately them, keep your cash and purchase some thing just like the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, that is round $500 inexpensive. 

Peloton Tread evaluation: Installation and setup

Put your toolbox away — you really won’t want it right here. When you buy the Peloton Tread, you’ll be requested to agenda a transport slot that works for you. A few days earlier than your transport, a member of the Peloton transport group will name and ask approximately the place you’re hoping to put in your Tread. I quickly discovered out that my desires of putting in the Tread in my spare bed room wouldn’t work, because the age of the assets intended the load of the treadmill (and me walking on it) would possibly harm the ceiling joists. Peloton usually recommends you give you an opportunity place earlier than the transport group arrives. 

On the morning of transport, I obtained any other telecellsmartphone name, with a selected time slot. The group then installation the Tread, related it to Wi-Fi, and talked me via the functions earlier than leaving. I haven’t had to touch client support, however I become given the information have to I even have any questions or issues. The whole carrier become best and absolutely stress-free. 

Peloton Tread evaluation: Design 

The Peloton Tread seems like maximum excessive-cease treadmills at the market. It’s matte black and has the purple Peloton brand at the palms of the treadmill. Unlike different treadmills, however, the belt doesn’t fold away while you’re now no longer the usage of it, so that is some thing to don’t forget in case you are brief on area. There’s additionally no fan at the Tread, that is a touch annoying, in particular in case you don’t have air con or a window close by while the usage of the treadmill at domestic. 

The Peloton Tread has a compact layout. It’s eleven inches shorter and 6 inches narrower than the NordicTrack 2950, and despite the fact that you do want area round and above the Tread, it’s actually compact sufficient for maximum domestic gyms. At 5 foot two, I felt like I may want to absolutely stride out at the treadmill —however that’s now no longer pronouncing a good deal —so I requested multiple taller runners, status at five foot eight, and six foot 1, to leap at the Tread and feature a move. None people had any problem with the belt being too brief. 

A image of the display at the Peloton Tread


One of the stand-out functions of the Peloton is its large, 23.eight-inch touchscreen wherein you view the stay and on-call for lessons. I discovered it smooth to peer even as I become walking, and it become a pride to navigate round. However, the display can’t be adjusted, and multiple taller runners who attempted it felt like they had been craning their necks downwards while walking. If you’re mainly tall, it is probably really well worth attempting the Peloton in a showroom close to you first, to make certain you could effectively run and watch lessons. 

The display additionally has a USB-C charging port, permitting you to fee your telecellsmartphone even as you run, a three.five mm headphone jack in case your Bluetooth headphones have run out of battery, and front-dealing with audio system in case you’d as a substitute run with out headphones entirely. There’s additionally an eight-megapixel front-dealing with camera, which permits you to file video chats with buddies in case you run together, and a integrated microphone so your buddies can pay attention you as you run. 

A image of the display at the Peloton Tread

While the display is fantastic, I do desire it may rotate because it does at the Peloton Bike+ for power and conditioning lessons. I’ve attempted doing lessons with my mat immediately beside and immediately in the back of the Tread, and in every case, it’s miles barely complicated to peer the display clearly. Of course, you could usually use the app on a telecellsmartphone or tablet, however a rotating or adjustable display could clear up the visibility problem. 

I additionally desire that Peloton could roll out the Apple Watch reputation that’s to be had with the Peloton Bike+. Before beginning a category at the Bike+, you could preserve your Apple Watch as much as the bike’s camera, and the hobby syncs seamlessly, permitting you to tune your session, and use your watch as a coronary heart charge monitor. This isn’t some thing that’s presently to be had at the Tread, the Tread+, or the Bike, and even as it’s a quite area of interest problem, it does appear complicated that this generation nevertheless isn’t to be had on all of Peloton’s merchandise.

A image of the incline wheel at the Peloton Tread

Adjustable knobs 

The velocity and incline adjustable knobs at the palms of the treadmill are fantastic. On different treadmills, I discover it infuriating once I discover myself stabbing on the display mid-dash as I attempt to sluggish it down. The Tread’s knobs let you roll your velocity ahead and again, and lift and decrease your incline without having to attain for the display. They are placed at the palms of the Tread, round wherein you obviously run, and accomplishing out to the facet as opposed to ahead makes for a miles greater snug walking experience. 

The knobs additionally double as bounce buttons, which you could push to fast growth your velocity through 1mph, or your incline through 1%. These are available in on hand all through brief dash periods wherein you need to feature velocity fast, and now no longer spend an excessive amount of time getting there.

Peloton Tread evaluation: Performance and lessons

In my one hundred miles of checking out, I’ve attempted some of one of a kind lessons at the Peloton Tread — from hikes to 45-minute development runs. The treadmill has some of smart functions that beautify the walking experience, consisting of the cappotential to attach your Bluetooth headphones to the Tread and extrade the sound settings. During a category, you could pick out whether or not you need to pay attention greater of the instructor, the playlist, or simply the settings Peloton has combined for you. I’ve performed round with the settings and discovered that in more difficult periods, I every now and then want the more motivation of the track. 

Talking of track, Peloton offers you the possibility to keep tracks you want right into a playlist for your Apple Music or Spotify account (in case you’ve synced it), because of this that you won’t spend the relaxation of the day questioning precisely what that Fleetwood Mac track become. (It become Go Your Own Way, for every person questioning). You also can clear out out lessons through the sort of track you would love to pay attention to, and Peloton has diverse artist collections, which consist of artists like Coldplay, Elton John, and Lady Gaga. 

A image of a few airpods related to a Peloton Tread

 During every magnificence you’ll be capable of see a leaderboard of different participants — you could deliver fellow participants a excessive 5 mid-magnificence, and in case you’re competitive, see how you’re acting in comparison to others withinside the magnificence. There also are some of schooling packages and demanding situations to preserve matters interesting — the You Can Run challenge, for example, takes novices from 0 to half-hour of sustained walking in only 8 weeks. 

As a person who prefers to run alone, I become amazed to discover how a good deal I cherished the lessons at the Peloton. I’ve run with some of one of a kind teachers — Becs Gentry and Suzie Chan being my favorites — and I fast felt like I become walking with a friend, or in a organization, as I took their lessons greater regularly. You can clear out out lessons through period, magnificence type, instructor, track, difficulty, and subtitles, and bookmark lessons you’d want to take withinside the future. You also can stack lessons, which permits you to make your runs longer. If I desired to suit a long term in, I’d stack a 10-minute warm-up, a 45-minute pace run, and a 10-minute cooldown. As you end one magnificence, you could seamlessly transfer to the following while not having to go back to the house display. You also can agenda stay lessons into your calendar, and get notifications for your telecellsmartphone to remind you while your magnificence is coming up. 

A image of the Peloton Tread

If you’re the sort of runner who’s pushed through stats, the Peloton domestic display makes it smooth to peer your development over time. At a glance, you could see your exercise history, your milestone achievements, your walking streaks, and any badges you’ve accrued alongside the manner.

Finally, in case you’re virtually now no longer withinside the temper for a category, there are some of ‘simply run’ alternatives at the Peloton. Whether you fancy walking via the streets of London, or alongside the Pacific Highway, the alternatives are countless and you could without difficulty plug right into a playlist and podcast and simply run.

Peloton Tread evaluation: Safety functions 

I’d be remiss to gloss over the questions of protection in relation to the Peloton Tread, which become recalled because of protection issues following the dying of a toddler and some of accidents. For whole clarity, I’ve been checking out the treadmill withinside the Future checking out facility, now no longer my very own domestic. I stay in a 19th-century cottage and become recommended that the treadmill could be too heavy to head upstairs. The simplest choice downstairs become in my residing room, and I didn’t experience snug the usage of a treadmill with a pup withinside the domestic or indeed, leaving the treadmill installation in a room wherein my pup is frequently left unattended. 

A image of the tread lock function at the Peloton Tread

The Peloton Tread doesn’t have the choice to fold up the belt while you’re now no longer the usage of it, however following the recall, Peloton introduced a Tread Lock function. This is a four-digit code that locks the display after some seconds of inactivity, just like the lock for your telecellsmartphone. There’s additionally the protection key, which prevents the treadmill from being became on while it’s now no longer plugged in. At the cease of every magnificence, Peloton teachers remind you to put off the important thing and save it someplace out of the manner to save you unauthorized get entry to to the treadmill. 

A image of the protection key at the Peloton Tread

Like I’ve mentioned, all of my miles had been run in a checking out facility, farfar from small kids and pets, despite the fact that that is basically right all the way down to the age and format of my residence. If I had been to feature the Peloton to my domestic permanently, I’d need it to be in a room wherein I may want to close it farfar from the canine once I’m now no longer the usage of it. Now to influence my boyfriend to permit me construct that lawn health clubnasium…

A image of the protection key at the Peloton Tread

Peloton Tread evaluation: Verdict 

The Peloton Tread is a extraordinary treadmill for every person who wishes the inducement of a category to need to run at the treadmill. I’ve usually hated ‘dreadmill’ miles and till now, I’ve actively averted walking interior until the climate is simply too treacherous to run outside. That said, I’ve actively regarded ahead to my lessons at the Peloton. After 18 months of walking alone, leaping at the Peloton has added that feeling of organization schooling again into my life, and boy, how I’ve neglected it. 

That said, in case you’re now no longer a category individual and simply need to capture up for your favourite TV indicates even as you run, I’d with out a doubt, keep the cash and purchase a inexpensive treadmill, just like the Echelon Stride. The pleasure of the Peloton is the lessons, and if they’re now no longer for you, there are actually inexpensive alternatives out there. An smooth manner to get a experience for the lessons earlier than making an investment is to enroll in the Peloton app and music into a category from the treadmill withinside the health clubnasium. You’ll quickly realize if it’s for you.

Adding a treadmill to your private home is a huge decision, and that is actually one of the greater pricey alternatives at the market, however in case you use it, it’s absolutely really well worth it. The Peloton Tread is neat in layout and nature, and if I may want to bottle the post-run buzz I’ve gotten after taking a number of the lessons, I’d be rich.

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