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When it changed into launched in 2020, the LG CX OLED changed into the crème-de-la-crème of OLED TV fashions. Under the hood, LG prepared the CX with the Alpha a9 Gen. three processor for higher upscaling than its predecessor, and out of doors it had 4 40Gbps HDMI 2.1 ports. For a time, it changed into the exceptional TV cash may want to buy.

That said, in recent times that crown has been surpassed down the line – first to the LG C1 OLED and now over to the more moderen LG C2 OLED. That would not suggest that the LG CX OLED must be forged apart for more moderen fashions in case you nevertheless very own one, however it does suggest that potential new proprietors must be searching on the C1 or C2 in preference to attempting you obtain an older LG CX OLED version.

Want to peer what the LG CX OLED changed into like at the height of its power? Read on for our unique LG CX OLED review.

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LG CX OLED: rate and launch date

The LG CX OLED is available in a mixture of sizes, from a new-for-2020 48-inch length to a huge 77-inch display. The 48-inch version now retails at $1,299 / £1,099, with the most important 77-inch length now retailing for $2,999 / £2,999. 



It’s the 65-inch version we reviewed, which at the start retailed for $2,499 / £2,799 (round AU$three,800) however has when you consider that dropped to simply $1,899 / £1,799 – more or less the unique RRP of the 55-inch version.

Increasingly tough to locate now that it is been superseded, you could see it at a widespread bargain in a few locations at a few neighborhood electronics stores – aleven though we do advocate choosing an LG C1 OLED or LG C2 OLED instead. 

LG CX OLED: layout


Screen sizes to be had: 48-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch | Tuner: Freeview HD | 4K: Yes | HDR: Yes (HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG) | Panel Technology: OLED | Smart TV: WebOS | Curved: No | Dimensions: 1449(w) x 830(h) x 46.nine(d)mm | 3D: No | Inputs: Four HDMIs (all 4 40Gbps HDMI 2.1), 3 USBs, RF tuner, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optical virtual audio output 

The OLED65CX is gorgeous. The supermegacelebrity of the show, as regular with OLED TV era, is how extraordinarily skinny its display is: for round -thirds of its rear location it’s insanely thinsimply more than one millimetres deep. Though of course, except you’re keen on searching in the back of your TV in preference to the front, you likely won’t word this a great deal as soon as you’ve established the set for the primary time.

The backside 0.33 or so of the OLED65CX’s rear stands out pretty a piece greater than the relaxation. But the layout nevertheless wears this quite properly – and the set’s audio system, connections and processors do need to pass somewhere. 

The display attaches to one of the centrally established steel sheet stands we’ve visible for some C-collection generations now. This is well completed and properly constructed, however possibly seems a hint chunky as compared with the terrific slimness elsewhere.

Connections at the OLED65CX are abundant and properly specified – specially in relation to HDMIs. There are 4, all able to dealing with 4K at as much as 120Hz in 10-bit HDR with four:four:four chroma sampling. Something which may emerge as crucial with the following era of video games consoles. 

One of the HDMIs also can assist ARC/eARC (audio go back channel), in order that the TV can output Dolby Atmos from streaming offerings or 4K Blu-rays to well suited soundbars or AV receivers.

One ultimate layout factor really well worth bringing up is the OLED65CX’s faraway manipulate. This is certainly considered one among LG’s so-referred to as Magic remotes, that means you could factor it at onscreen menu alternatives in preference to having to apply cursor buttons to navigate all of the menus. There’s additionally a spinning wheel withinside the faraway’s middle that helps you to quick cycle via vertical menu lists.

The factor and click on technique may be a piece imprecise, and the stiffness of the scrolling wheel can purpose you to by accident press it (for select) in preference to simply spinning it. But it’s nevertheless normal a triumphing faraway manipulate layout.

Design TL;DR: The LG OLED65CX’s mind-bending slimness makes it a lovely addition to any dwelling or domestic cinema room. 

Woman, in chair, deliberating LG CX TV display

The realistic type? Menus and widgets galore may be setup at the LG CX (Image credit: LG)

LG CX OLED: clever TV (webOS with ThinQ AI)

Like the relaxation of LG’s OLED TV lineup, the LG OLED65CX unavoidably deploys LG’s WebOS interface for its smarts. As regular, this is often a excellent thing. The economical, no-nonsense domestic display, with its row of icons related to one-of-a-kind content material reassets, is straight away handy and clean to apply and customise.

Highlighting one of the important content material apps normally brings up a 2nd tier of icons containing direct get entry to to suggests or movies from the app you’ve highlighted. Though this selection handiest works with apps which have labored with LG to allow it.

I wager the sheer quantity of content material apps to be had in recent times may want to make WebOS’s lengthy scrolling bar of apps a piece unwieldy for a few content material-hungry households. But that is a small poor towards all of the top stuff. 

It’s really well worth adding, too, that LG additionally leads the manner in relation to voice recognition, with the OLED65CX assisting LG’s very own ThinQ AI platform, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Support for most of these is constructed in, too, this means that there’s no want for an outside listening device.

In phrases of supported apps, you will locate relative new additions to the streaming panorama inclusive of Disney+ and Apple TV+, in addition to all the same old suspects like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The maximum gimmicky of webOS’ new capabilities is the Sports integration wherein, in case you inform the CX what your favourite sports activities groups are (from a preset list), the TV will come up with rating updates and remind you while publicizes providing your group are coming on. It’s now no longer top notch beneficial except you are a sports activities fanatic, however it would not detract from the revel in both.

The Home Hub display that offers data on and manipulate over different clever gadgets for your community blessings from an progressed layout, and you could now customise the icons that seem while you press the Settings button. You also can personalize how regularly the TV offers you onscreen activates that will help you find out new capabilities and, possibly maximum usefully, the Recommendations device for assisting you locate new matters to observe has been progressed and made greater comfortably handy.

Smart Features TL;DR: LG’s webOS device is still slick and clean to apply

Two faces aspect with the aid of using aspect showng processing distinction at the LG CX as compared to an inferior TV

There’s a brilliant distinction withinside the facial processing utilized by the LG CX’s new chipset (Image credit: TechRadar)

LG CX OLED: HD/SDR Performance

OLED TVs have continually being specifically properly proper to conventional dynamic variety (SDR) era. So it’s no wonder to peer the OLED65CX searching lovely with each SDR Blu-ray or broadcast we threw at it. 

Colors are wealthy and vibrant, however additionally nuanced and balanced. Contrast is quite a great deal perfect, as OLED’s capacity to have each unmarried pixel produce its very own mild brings out shadow info and darkish tones with a diploma of depth and authenticity LCD displays can’t match.

The shadeation and evaluation overall performance are each based on a impressive black stage overall performance that’s freed from the greyness and localized clouding issues you get with quite a great deal all LCD TVs. Just as importantly, vibrant highlights of in the main darkish photos hold a constant stage of depth. There’s no sacrificing of any in their brightness to preserve the darkish regions round them searching neutral, as you regularly see with top rate LCD TVs that use neighborhood dimming. 

In short, the OLED65CX’s deft contact and per-pixel mild replica ekes out each drop of first-rate from SDR content material. And with excessive first-rate SDR reassets inclusive of a very good Blu-ray, you could properly be surprised at simply how a great deal the confined shadeation and mild variety of SDR can supply while a TV is ideal sufficient to liberate it all.

LG has additionally progressed its upscaling. Presumably way to the brand new AI-primarily based totally upscaling engine delivered with the aid of using LG’s new 0.33era Alpha nine chipset, there’s a cleanser, greater constant and greater targeted appearance to HD content material after it’s been transformed to the display’s local 4K resolution.

The progressed upscaling is specifically powerful withinside the maximum targeted regions of HD photographs, which appearance extraordinarily cleanser and greater densely textured than they did ultimate year. In fact, in those regions, at the least, LG’s upscaling is as top as something I’ve visible from any 4K TV to date.

HD/SDR Performance TL;DR: The peerless per-pixel mild manipulate of OLED era joins with progressed LG image processing to make the OLED65CX’s SDR/HD photographs a pleasure to behold.

LG CX OLED: 4K/HDR Performance

Great aleven though the OLED65CX is with HD SDR photos, it’s the enhancements it brings with 4K and HDR photos that genuinely rely withinside the top rate TV world.

For starters, the OLED65CX’s black stage overall performance improves on 2019’s LG C9 OLEDs in methods. First, black ranges get even deeper, and hold that intensity and neutrality greater continually. Just every now and then a genuinely intense darkish shot can all at once seem infused with a low-stage yellowish-gray tone. This is faint aleven though, and doesn’t arise very regularly at all. 

Second, the CX combines its progressed black ranges with greater shadow info and darkish shadeation shading subtlety than ultimate year’s B9s (which genuinely added deeper blacks than the greater pricey C9s). So essentially the CX’s dealing with of black stage and darkish scenes combines the exceptional bits of each the B9 and C9. And the effects are beautiful.

The OLED65CX additionally suffers much less with noise in darkish regions and plenty much less with exaggerated compression blocking off artefacts while viewing darkish scenes on a few streamed suggests than preceding LG OLEDs have. The blocking off has been reduced, too, with out the lack of shadow element that changed into created with the aid of using LG’s early tries to restoration this extensively publicized blocking off phenomenon.

The LG OLED65CX additionally improves on its predecessors at the alternative stop of the brightness spectrum. For whilst it doesn’t genuinely degree any brighter than ultimate year’s fashions the use of an HDR take a look at signal (simply over 800 nits in Vivid mode, or 784 and 760 nits withinside the greater herbal Standard and Cinema modes), aspect with the aid of using aspect comparisons display that vibrant peaks in HDR photographs appearance punchier at the OLED65CX than they did at the OLED65C9. It’s now no longer a night time and day distinction, however it’s sufficient to make HDR photographs appearance greater intense, expressive and realistic.

Two human beings take a seat down on their sofa. infront of the LG CX OLED

Netflix suggests like Lost In Space must appearance incredible at the LG CX’s OLED display (Image credit: LG)

Talking of neighborhood evaluation, the manner the OLED65CX genuinely can positioned the brightest pixels of an HDR picture proper subsequent to the darkest ones with none kind of compromise. So not like with LCD TVs, evaluationwealthy scenes don’t go through with such distracting inconsistencies as surprising fluctuations in normal brightness, heavy dimming of small stand-out vibrant picture factors, or apparent bands or haloes of mild round stand-out vibrant items.

The OLED65CX improves LG’s shadeation overall performance, too. The superior brightness management, for instance, facilitates the brightest shades of HDR photos hold a greater herbal appearance. Washes of shadeation throughout the display appearance greater constant. Color blends appearance greater continually diffused and nuanced, with greater tonal subtlety retained withinside the brightest image regions.

Native 4K photographs appearance blisteringly sharp and targeted too, with out the readability searching pressured or artificial (as long as you keep away from the Vivid image preset, anyway). 

The element doesn’t take a heavy hit while there’s movement to deal with both. The OLED65CX’s trendy movement processor – at the least in its Cinema Clear placing – does a very good task of decreasing judder with out inflicting the image to both appearance too fluid, or throwing up too many undesirable aspect effects.

Very complicated movement, inclusive of small items shifting inside a panning picture, can nevertheless purpose some glitches. So AV fanatics can be thrilled that turning the movement processing device off unearths the OLED65CX struggling much less panel-associated judder than preceding LG OLED generations.

4K/HDR Performance TL;DR: A roster of small however in the long run telling enhancements make the OLED65CX a brilliantly immersive display.

Woman relaxes at domestic. infront of the LG CX OLED

The LG CX OLED even helps G-Sync for a smoother gaming revel in (Image credit: LG)

LG CX OLED: new image modes

The OLED65CX boasts new image modes: The Filmmaker Mode has arrived via a collaboration among the UHD Alliance and film creatives, and is designed to recreate at the TV the kind of settings creators use while gaining knowledge of content material. Broadly speaking, this indicates turning some of the TV’s image processing gear off, ensuing in photographs which a few might also additionally discover a little juddery, and too stupid to observe in a vibrant room. There’s additionally now no longer a great deal distinction at all, in truth, among Filmmaker Mode and LG’s Cinema Home preset. 

Where Filmmaker Mode may emerge as greater thrilling is that if discs begin wearing the flags wished to show the OLED65CX’s model of Filmmaker Mode on automatically. Though I’m but to listen of any disc that includes such flags.

The different new image mode is Dolby Vision IQ. This is largely a Dolby Vision mode that mixes the more HDR image records and display optimisation factors of Dolby Vision HDR with an evaluation of room situations furnished with the aid of using a integrated mild sensor. The concept being to modify more than one factors of the image in actual time to ensure the ensuing picture achieves a constant appearance regardless of how a great deal your viewing situations change. 

Note that LG doesn’t genuinely label a image preset ‘Dolby Vision IQ’. The mode kicks in when you have each the Dolby Vision Cinema Home mode and LG’s AI Brightness function active. The mode works properly if the TV is in a reasonably everyday dwelling room environment, wherein the TV is probably to get watched in a huge style of lights situations. In a darkish committed film room, aleven though, you won’t want it.

The OLED65CX is now no longer, unavoidably, perfect. For instance, it doesn’t assist the HDR10+ HDR device designed as a rival for Dolby Vision. It additionally doesn’t miraculously triumph over the brightness obstacles related to OLED eradespite the fact that its wonderful neighborhood evaluation compensates hugely for that. There’s nevertheless a touch room for similarly development with its dealing with of near-black imagery too, and its display may be pretty reflective of vibrant items for your room. 

That said, the LG OLED65CX is an extremely good gaming display. In its Game mode it handiest suffers with a puny 13ms of enter lag. And not like a few LCD TVs, calling in its Game preset doesn’t result in any apparent discount in shadeation and evaluation overall performance. There’s assist for each computerized low latency mode switching and variable refresh fees too. The PS5, Xbox Series X, and subsequent-gen PCs can employ the OLED65CX’s 4K/120Hz/four:four:four/HDR assist.

Of course, as with every OLED TV you’re predicted to take a few care with what you watch on it to lessen the opportunity of everlasting picture retention. In particular, try and keep away from spending too lengthy at any person time looking content material with vibrant trademarks or static vibrant picture factors

The rear of the LG CX OLED, and its ports

All the crucial HDMI 2.1 ports are constructed into the rear of the television (Image credit: LG)

LG CX OLED: audio overall performance

In maximum methods the brand new CX Series sounds superb – specially in relation to the quantity ranges and the size of the soundstage it by some means manages to forged out from its extraordinarily thin body: there’s actual width or even a few verticality to the sound the set produces, specially in case you ditch the default Dolby Atmos sound placing and use LG’s extremely good AI Sound Pro choice instead. This mode optimizes the sound to the competencies of the TV’s audio system, and the end result is a miles greater dynamic, loud and impactful sound. 

The handiest difficulty we had with the OLED65CX’s audio is that genuinely heavy responsibility bass in a film soundtrack can purpose the audio system to begin crackling and losing out. Fortunately there isn’t a great deal content material round that’s intense sufficient to purpose this problem, so the strengths of the sound device usually rein supreme. The bass crackle is virtually distracting while it happens, aleven though.

LG CX OLED: very last verdict

The LG OLED65CX is an wonderful TV – specially in case you’re a extreme movie fan vulnerable to dimming the lighting for film nights. It doesn’t reinvent the OLED wheel, however the small enhancements it makes in some of regions upload as much as a quite profound effect on how a great deal you wander away in something it’s miles you’re looking. And if that isn’t the definition of a incredible TV, I don’t realize what is.

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