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HBO Max price: how much does it cost and 40% off deal in 2022

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Home to award-prevailing, severely acclaimed enjoyment, bag a HBO Max subscription and watch golden oldies like The Wire and The Sopranos, in addition to more moderen TV indicates like Euphoria and the prequel to Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon. Offering  HBO Max fee points, you may get a inexpensive plan with some commercials thrown in. No depend that you move for, though, you will be entitled to 13,000+ hours of pinnacle-tier content material.

HBO Max fee: head directly to HBO Max to store forty% on annual plans(opens in new tab)

Including Max Originals like DC’s Peacemaker and The Flight Attendant, there also are iconic and incredible HBO indicates (Chernobyl, Mare of Easttown), a curated library of bona-fide film classics from TCM, and desire selections from the Warner Brothers movie and TV archive, too. You’ll locate hobbits, superheroes, Friends, and a hell of plenty extra too.

HBO Max gives a number of the first-class offers and at an top notch fee. But how does it examine to a number of the alternative first-class streaming offerings available like Disney Plus, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video? Find out beneath as we spoil all of it down.

HBO Max fee and plans: your brief guide

HBO Max has  subscription ranges, with the choice to pay on a rolling month-to-month contract, or prepay for an entire yr and store 20%.

‘With Ads’ plan – $9.ninety nine a month or $ninety nine.ninety nine a yr(opens in new tab)

‘Ads-Free’ plan – $14.ninety nine a month or $149.ninety nine a yr(opens in new tab)

Both provide unmitigated get entry to to all ten of its enjoyment hubs – HBO, DC, Classics Curated via way of means of TCM, Studio Ghibli, Cartoon Network, Sesame Workshop, Crunchyroll, Adult Swim, Cartoonito, and Looney Tunes – on pinnacle of extraordinary Max Original programming. You’ll additionally get to move throughout 3 gadgets simultaneously.

With the $14.ninety nine ‘Ad Free’ plan there aren’t anyt any commercials. Select titles are to be had in superb 4K HDR, and you may down load a most of 30 titles for offline viewing.

Devices well suited with HBO Max encompass Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, HBO Max on Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, and iPad, Android, and iPhones.

Milly Alcock in House of the Dragon

(Image credit: HBO)

Are there any HBO Max offers?

Right now, though, new and returning subscribers can store a massive forty% on annual plans till October 30(opens in new tab). Pay simply $69.ninety nine for With-Ads or $104.ninety nine for Ad-Free to your first month. Thereafter, the HBO Max fee will hotel again to complete fee – $ninety nine.ninety nine and $149.ninety nine a yr respectively.

Alternatively, in case you are a brand new or current client of Cricket Wireless(opens in new tab), its Unlimited package deal consists of a loose ‘With Ads’ HBO Max subscription.

As for the 7-day loose trial? This changed into discontinued in December 2020 for US customers. However, you may discover extra approximately the HBO Max loose trial and viable eligibility in new nations in which the provider is rolling out in our guide.

Meanwhile, all people with a contemporary HBO or HBO Now subscription are entitled to a HBO Max account honestly FREE – so long as they’re registered with an eligible provider.

HBO Max homepage

(Image credit: HBO Max)

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How does the HBO Max fee examine to Netflix?

HBO Max promises each affordability and fine content material with its With-Ads plan. And now that Netflix has raised the fee of its subscription plans – the Basic alternative has long gone up to $9.ninety nine – as a long way as pricing goes, the 2 streamers are frivolously matched 

Netflix nevertheless sits on the helm of on-line streaming. It’s were given almost 3 instances as a lot content material as HBO Max – 36,000 hours to its 13,000 – and is often flooded with authentic content material, along with the lengthy expected Stranger Things season 4. It’s were given 3 ranges to select from: $9.ninety nine Basic, $15.forty nine Standard, and $19.ninety nine for its Premium plan. 

But now that subscribers can get HBO fine at an low-priced fee, Netflix’s Basic plan is calling simply that…basic. For the identical fee, HBO Max gives 3 streams in which Netflix gives handiest one, HD fine content material in which Netflix gives SD, and most significantly of all…unforgettable TV indicates like Euphoria, Succession, and The Wire.

Only Netflix’s Premium plan helps you to move to extra gadgets (a complete of 4), and albeit trounces HBO Max concerning the wide variety of titles to be had to move in Ultra HD (over 500 in which HBO Max has someplace round forty in 4K). Admittedly Netflix promises an abundance of content material and not using a advertisements in sight. But HBO Max may simply provide the extra discerning viewer of movie and TV with higher price.

How does the HBO Max fee examine to Amazon Prime Video?

Let’s be honest: Amazon Prime Video(opens in new tab) sort of blows HBO Max out of the water. As a part of a $12.ninety nine Amazon Prime subscription, it’s inexpensive than an ‘Ad-Free’ HBO Max account, comes full of perks like loose shipping and loose tune streaming, and has a whopping mixed overall of over 20,000 films and TV collection. You can get approximately 25% off via way of means of shopping a $119 annual subscription, even as you may locate masses of pick titles to be had to move in 4K Ultra HD.

Yet HBO Max holds a chief benefit with prized content material extraordinary to the provider. South Park, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and The Big Bang Theory are simply a number of the insanely famous indicates right here, along Studio Ghibli’s award-prevailing animations. It’s the handiest vicinity to move each immaculate HBO display similarly to extra latest hits like Station Eleven, Euphoria, and The Time Traveler’s Wife? They’re proper there which will binge.


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video – Free Trial


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime – Monthly

US$14.ninety nine/mth


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime – Yearly




(Image credit: Disney Plus)

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How does the HBO Max fee examine to Disney Plus?

Disney Plus stays one of the maximum famous VOD streaming offerings with a loved series of rewarding manufacturers. And at $7.ninety nine a month it gives high-quality price. But, with HBO Max’s inexpensive ‘With Ads’ plan, the decreased fee distinction way HBO Max ought to start taking a larger proportion of the VOD profits – especially from grown-ups craving for extra grownup content material. 

In phrases of capability, Disney Plus account sharing lets in 4 human beings to move from one account simultaneously, even as HBO Max is capped at 3. But from a content material perspective, the Mouse of House has a exceedingly slender bounty, with 500 movies in comparison to 1300 on HBO Max, and all to be had for only some bucks extra. If you need the ad-loose revel in though, you’ll ought to pay $14.ninety nine a month – almost double the Disney Plus fee. 

Content is prime in each cases, and every provider is the extraordinary domestic of a few loved manufacturers and movie franchises. Disney Plus will enchant people who are Team Marvel, Pixar, The Simpsons and The Muppets – plus Star Wars spin-offs like Obi-Wan Kenobi are coming thick and fast – even as all people beholden to DC Comics, Studio Ghibli, nail-biting TV dramas and blockbuster cinema, will soar on the possibility to pay the slightly better HBO Max fee.  



Disney+ Monthly

US$7.ninety nine/mth



Disney+ Yearly

US$79.ninety nine/yr



Disney+ Bundle

US$13.ninety nine/mth


How does the HBO Max Cost examine to Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV Plus has been a slow-burn VOD provider, quietly accruing subscribers with its brilliant extraordinary TV collection and movies – the  awards juggernaut Ted Lasso, for example, and the Jennifer Anniston-starring newsroom drama The Morning Show. 

At $4.ninety nine a month it’s 1/2 of the fee of an HBO Max membership, and one account may be shared among an extra 5 human beings – extra than some other streamer indexed right here. But, given it’s specially domestic to brand-new Apple TV originals, its library of titles is fantastically lean. It’s were given approximately ninety characteristic movies and collection, while HBO Max has masses.

In regards the fine of what’s on provide, Apple TV Plus regularly produces content material on a par with HBO, along with latest hits like Severance and Shining Girls. Everything right here is immaculately produced, and to be had to look at in lovely 4K. But as of yet, little or no has stimulated the adoration of HBO display like The Wire, Euphoria, Sex and the City, or The Sopranos.

Still, Apple TV Plus is a fragment of the HBO Max fee, and there’s plenty to appearance ahead to. Heading to the platform withinside the destiny is Marin Scorcsese’s Western crime drama Killers of the Flower Moon.

How does the HBO Max fee examine to Hulu?

On the face of it, going for Hulu is a sure-hearthplace winner. It’s on-call for handiest plans continue to be pretty competitive  at $6.ninety nine a month, or $69.ninety nine annually, and there’s an excellent library of extra than 4,000 titles to move. 

But to offer a comparable capability to a fully-fledged HBO Max subscription, you want to buy some accessories that clearly bump up the fee. Want to forgo the stressful advertisements? Then you’ll want to select the $12.ninety nine Hulu (No Ads) alternative. Want to proportion your account with extra than  human beings? Unlimited Screens prices another $9.ninety nine, which brings us to a month-to-month overall of $23. Suddenly its $14.ninety nine HBO Max fee tag for its ‘Ad Free’ plan doesn’t appear so extravagant.

There’s absolute confidence that Hulu gives awesome price and flexibility. Its Basic plan is to be had to college students for an unbelievable $1.ninety nine, even as devotees of cable TV can improve to Hulu with Live TV for $69.ninety nine a month, in which, on pinnacle of a roster of extra than seventy five stay channels and a enormous VOD library you currently get Disney Plus and sports activities provider ESPN Plus thrown in too. So, it beats HBO Max withinside the fee wars. But few might disagree that, on the subject of sheer fine of content material, HBO takes the crown – and any naysayers can take their disputes to Tony Soprano.

Learn extra approximately this provider with our complete HBO Max review

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