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Genshin Impact: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Xiao

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P>Whether you are one of the fortunate ones who were given Xiao or now no longer and whether or not you spent lots of bucks seeking to win him in a virtual playing sport of Genshin Impact, there is no question that he is one of the freshest characters proper now.

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Xiao is a pinnacle DPS individual, proper up there with Diluc, Ganyu, Childe, and Klee. As one of the most up-to-date additions withinside the DPS pool for Genshin Impact, it is excessive time Xiao is delivered properly. Turns out the quiet and secretive Adepti has, nicely, a whole lot of secrets and techniques. So to understand him better, right here are a few lesser-acknowledged statistics aboutGenshin Impact’s resident pogo stick.

Updated December 2, 2021, through Sid Natividad: Rumors and speculations factor to a Xiao re-run at the horizon. While one will need to take the ones speculations with numerous grains of salt, a few newfound appreciation for Xiao would not hurt. After all, Genshin Impact is certain to re-introduce him thru a re-run at a few factor. It in order that takes place that Xiao, being secretive and introverted he is, stays one of the maximum thrilling silent-kind characters withinside the Genshin Impact lore. There’s a whole lot greater to recognize approximately this angsty slayer of demons. Thus, an replace on his non-public secrets and techniques and insights is warranted.

15 He’s Worried About Liyue’s Fast Progress

Xiao is probably lots of years old, however that does not suggest he is the wisest or maximum mentally bendy individual in the sport. Unlike Zhongli, Xiao has an inclination to hold to tradition. One of his communicate traces stares that he is observed Liyue’s converting fast. Then he reverts returned to his ordinary stoic facade and dismisses his personal worries approximately the nation.

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This does screen greater approximately his unease with Liyue turning into increasingly more modern, unbiased from gods and demi-gods like him. Sadly, he would not screen a whole lot past that. It’s doubtful whether or not he is involved that he’s going to be forgotten and left in the back of like a relic, or is greater worrying approximately whether or not the humans of Liyue can appearance after themselves.

14 He Does Not Sleep

One may surprise how does someone like Xiao or maybe a number of the gods in Liyue shut eye or rest. The solution is they probable do not. Well, Xiao would not, or as a minimum that is what he implies whilst faced approximately his drowsiness. He appears a chunk angry through the Traveler’s question approximately his sleep schedule, that is supposedly nonexistent.

Again, this is probably Xiao simply dismissing different humans‘s worries, for worry that it would make him seem susceptible or incapable. However, a number of his kind, including Ganyu (who is 1/2 of Adepti) virtually so sleep. It will be that Xiao does get drowsy, however prefers to live unsleeping and stay vigilant.

thirteen He Finds Hu Tao Amusing

Hu Tao is quick turning into public enemy primary in Liyue primarily based totally on a whole lot of different characters’ impressions approximately her. That’s a honest evaluation, on their element as she may be an abrasive prankster and at instances downright insensitive. Xiao, however, is one of the few individuals who can tolerate her.

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He does discover Hu Tao irritating, specially her liveliness and extroversion. But Xiao additionally appreciates one in all Hu Tao’s redeeming qualities, that is her experience of humor. It appears even a stiff immortal like Xiao has a desire for humor and Hu Tao suits his standards nicely sufficient.

12 He Doesn’t Even Know Venti’s Name

Based on Xiao’s tale quest and withinside the introductions for the Yakshas, Venti did some thing for him in the course of his bothered state. Such became Venti’s musical prowess that he became capable of soothe Xiao and his pains. Still, that does not suggest Xiao is thankful or maybe appreciative of Venti’s tunes.

In truth, he would not even recognize Venti’s call, that means he probably failed to hassle thanking the Bard or maybe spotting him as someone. Xiao handiest discovered Venti’s call after the Traveler requested approximately his dating with the Anemo god. It additionally appears he likes Venti’s song however is just too proud, shy, or reserved to confess it.

eleven He Hates Dumplings

While Xiao has a favourite meals similar to maximum playable Genshin Impact characters, he additionally has that one meals he loathes. Those could be dumplings of any sort.

In one in all his dialogues, Xiao became incredibly disgusted or aggravated through the truth that one has to location the dumpling fillings withinside the wrapper earlier than consuming them. He prefers the older generations of humans, probably those with a much less subtle palate.

10 He Requires The Same Flower As Ganyu

It became a large predicament in Genshin Impact’s participant base whether or not to put together for Xiao or Ganyu. That’s due to the fact each of those characters use the Qingxin flower for ascension. It in order that takes place that getting the ones is ridiculously tough given that they are all located on mountaintops.

To makes subjects worse, their banners be triumphant every different, that means gamers who had Ganyu probable did not have anymore Qingxin flower shares for Xiao. Still, it makes experience for them to proportion the flower lore-wise. After all, Xiao is Ganyu’s mentor and each of them are Adepti.

nine His Height Is five‘2″

Despite being one of the maximum effective Adepti in Genshin Impact, Xiao isn’t always precisely blessed with vertical advantage. For a few reason, his individual version makes use of that of a teenage male in Genshin Impact, making him the equal top because the teenage models.

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That places him at round five‘2″, however it is clean that during a sport like Genshin Impact, a individual‘s bodily developments do not represent their capabilities. Xiao’s top virtually failed to have an effect on his combating skills. The spear probably helped massive time.

eight His Yaksha Name Is Alatus

One can not rightfully name themselves a Xiao “stan” or “fan” in the event that they do not know his actual call. Xiao became simply a moniker granted to him after he became rescued through a god. His different greater formal call for his Yaksha designation is Alatus.

Alatus is likewise a constellation in Genshin Impact and in Latin, it means “winged.” Seeing Xiao’s playstyle and preferred mobility, it is a becoming call for him aleven though he probable would not like being known as as such. Too many terrible reminiscences as a Yaksha.

7 He’s Over 2,000 Years Old

Speaking of terrible reminiscences, Xiao has greater than lots of years’ really well worth of them. That’s due to the fact as an Adepti, he a long time otherwise and became anticipated to be greater than 2,000 years old. Someone who has lived that lengthy in spite of the occupational risks is absolutely one of the great warring parties round.

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This type of sturdiness additionally arguably makes Xiao lonely and disconnected from the mortal world. Each human he meets might be only a speck in his timeline aleven though his age would not replicate his appearance; many humans nonetheless remember him as a “good-looking Adepti boy.”

6 Zhongli Is His Former Boss

As for the god who rescued Xiao from a merciless Adepti fate? That could be Rex Lapis/Morax/Zhongli. Zhongli has continually been Liyue’s deity and protector ever given that time immemorial and he maintained it nicely till the modern timeline ofGenshin Impact in which he pretty out of laziness.

Even so, there aren’t anyt any approaches approximately it, Zhongli is Xiao’s boss. As Morax, he became the only who fashioned the Yakshas out of Adepti for you to fight the demons in Liyue. That failed to stop nicely for the 4 different Yakshas aleven though.

five He Doesn’t Remember How He Got His Vision

While being over 2,000 years of age has its perks, Xiao regularly disregards a number of his maximum vital reminiscences or simply absolutely forgets them. One of these could be how he were given his Vision or his elemental powers in Genshin Impact.

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For different characters, it may be as dramatic as dropping one’s wolf own circle of relatives or combating a sea monster for numerous days straight. For Xiao, he simply would not keep in mind or care sufficient to keep in mind how he became blessed with Anemo or wind powers.

four He Doesn’t Like Any Other Food Than Almond Tofu

Every playable individual inGenshin Impact has their personal contribution to the recipe pool, and their favourite meals is often a precise twist to an already present cuisine. Xiao’s favourite is none aside from an Almond Tofu version whom he calls “Sweet Dream.”

In Xiao’s case, it is even pretty excessive given that he dislikes all different meals in Teyvat (specially dumplings, as noted above.) The handiest factor he can tolerate is Almond Tofu. The texture of the meal reminds him of the desires he used to devour in the course of his demon-slaying stint as a Yaksha.

three Venti’s Music Kept Xiao Sane

Since Xiao ate too many terrible desires and slew too many demons, he is haunted through the violence of his beyond and therefore incorporates a heavy karmic burden. It became even implied that Xiao could have long gone insane or perished like his different Yaksha comrades.

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However, the individual cutscene confirmed Xiao taking note of Venti whilst the latter performs his Dihua flute. It’s then recommended that Xiao should have succumbed to his karmic burden if now no longer for Venti’s soothing song.

2 He Has One Of The Highest Base ATK

Before he became even launched withinside the completed sport version, Xiao became appeared as an overpowered or maybe damaged individual withinside the Beta checking out days of Genshin Impact. Of course, the builders needed to iron matters out however Xiao nonetheless stays one of the maximum effective characters in the sport proper now.

Out of all of them, he has one of the maximum base assault numbers available. Previously, this spot became occupied through Diluc and Ganyu at 26 base ATK on degree 1. Xiao has 27 at that equal degree. That would not always suggest he is pinnacle DPS proper now; this is nonetheless up for a mathematical and sensible debate.

1 He Eats Snow

You may be the hardest Yaksha or the maximum hard-hitting DPS in Genshin Impact however that does not suggest you can not be goofy. Xiao, all 2,000 years of him, nonetheless eats snow withinside the currentGenshin Impact timeline.

Some eagle-eyed gamers located that truth in Xiao’s in-sport voice traces in which he says “as soon as the snow is thick sufficient, we will devour it.” Knowing Xiao’s stern personality, it is now no longer a joke. It’s additionally probable why he has a smooth spot for Ganyu; she’s almost a strolling buffet for Xiao… due to her cryo abilities, mmkay?

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