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Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Johnny Silverhand & Rogue’s Relationship

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P>Plenty may be stated approximately Cyberpunk 2077’s overall performance on older hardware and all the different problems this recreation struggled with at launch, however even the staunchest critics of CDPR’s maximum formidable assignment up to now should admit that Cyberpunk is complete of splendid dialogues and thought-frightening plotlines that extra than justify the Polish studio’s popularity as one of the industry’s leaders with regards to growing narrative-centered games.

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Some of the very nice writing in Cyberpunk 2077 is associated with V’s romantic interests in Night City. Nearly they all are offered as facet quests, however certainly considered one among them is absolutely distinctive from all the different ones. This is as it revolves across the love tale of Johnny Silverhand and Rogue Amendiares, an over 60-year-antique affair. Due to V and Johnny’s uncommon predicament, this plotline turned into sure to be surprisingly complicated, however for the maximum part, the writers treated it very well. Nonetheless, there had been a few components of this love tale that left enthusiasts scratching their heads in confusion.

10 They’re Both Over eighty Years Old

Johnny’s scenario is manifestly unique, and given the truth that his engram is caught in V’s frame, it makes it clean to neglect about his real age, however it is really well worth retaining in thoughts that once Cyberpunk’s important tale is taking place, Johnny Silverhand is 88 years antique!

Now, Rogue lived thru the bulk of the twenty first century as a ordinary human (albeit aided through cyberware). Her actual age isn’t always discovered in the sport, however it’s miles secure to count on that she is round Johnny’s age, turning the “Blistering Love” facet quest right into a love tale of aged humans. While there is not anything incorrect with that consistent with se, the writers failed to discover that idea deeply sufficient, making Johnny and Rogue’s communicate and interactions experience a piece out of place.

nine V’s Voice and Body Type Don’t Matter

All of the alternative romance alternatives in Cyberpunk 2077 have a few unique necessities for V’s voice and frame kind so as for gamers in order to romantically interact with positive characters. For example, with a purpose to romance Panam, gamers want to be a male V, and to woo Judy, they want to play as a woman. It makes experience. After all, humans withinside the actual international have distinctive sexual orientations and do not simply pick to get concerned with whoever crosses their path.

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When romancing Rogue, the query of V’s gender and voice is non-existent, though. Sure, it isn’t always V who Rogue is romancing, however nevertheless, it is hard to trust that she ought to appearance beyond her sexuality simply due to Johnny’s persona.

eight That Time Johnny Almost Bashed A Reporter’s Head In

The first task that Johnny and Rogue cross on collectively is a raid on Arasaka tower to rescue Alt Cunningham from the corpos. They fail to attain her in time, and after they sooner or later get to in which she turned into being held, all Johnny unearths is his lover’s dead frame. Thompson, the accompanying reporter persisted to movie Silverhand coming to phrases with Alt’s dying.

In actual Johnny Silverhand fashion, he erupts in a healthy of uncontrollable anger and starts offevolved to brutally beat Thompson up. If now no longer for Rogue preventing him, he might have definitely killed the unlucky reporter. Having visible how lots Alt supposed to Johnny and the way emotionally volatile he may be, Rogue keeping her emotions for the rockstar appears questionable, to mention the least.

7 Johnny’s In The Body Of Rogue’s Best Merc

Before she observed out approximately the truth that an engram with Johnny Silverhand’s persona is embedded in V’s head, the primary man or woman of Cyberpunk 2077 and Rogue Amendiares have loved a fruitful enterprise dating.

Although the revelation of Johnny’s engram can also additionally have brought about Rogue perceiving V plenty differently, the sport does now no longer cross into sufficient element with regards to juxtaposing V and Rogue’s fixer-merc dynamic together along with her and Johnny’s love tale, which in flip makes this complete plotline lose out on a few exciting depth.

6 Rogue Kept Risking Her Life For Johnny

In Cyberpunk 2077, gamers witness Rogue risking her lifestyles for Johnny 3 times. Depending on their picks withinside the remaining quest, she can also additionally grow to be sacrificing herself for her ex-lover. Love makes us all do loopy things, however even love has its limits. After Johnny cheated on her (a couple of times) and recklessly suggested off-direction of the plan in the course of the Arasaka tower bombing in 2023, Rogue nevertheless pulled thru for him fifty years later.

It would not definitely make experience for a strong, unbiased individual consisting of Rogue to be so forgiving and forgetful to a person who is failed and harm her such a lot of times.

five Johnny’s Love For Alt Cunningham

Aside from dishonest on her a couple of times, and recklessly placing her lifestyles in danger, there’s some other component that ought to make Rogue rethink her emotions and abandon all wish for a capability destiny dating with Johnny — his love for Alt Cunningham.

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The extraordinary netrunner turned into Silverhand’s subsequent principal dating after Rogue, and pretty frankly, it looks as if he cared for Alt lots extra than he ever did for the Queen of the Afterlife, as visible withinside the “Never Fade Away” important quest. As a mature, older woman, Rogue ought to recognise higher than to pursue a dating with Johnny, understanding that he will in no way love her as lots as he cherished Cunningham.

four When Exactly Did They First Meet?

There appears to be a few inconsistency concerning whilst precisely Johnny and Rogue have met. The timeline of occasions in Cyberpunk 2077’s universe shows a while among 2010 and 2013, after Amendiares’s arrival to Night City.

However, in the course of their date in “Blistering Love”, Johnny says that they met in 2015, which might make no experience, given how only a few quests before (“Never Fade Away”), he teamed up with Rogue to interrupt Alt out of Arasaka tower. It might be a mistake unnoticed through the writers, however it is but some other component that does not upload up with regards to Johnny and Rogue’s dating.

three V In The “Backseat”

By the time the “Blistering Love” facet quest rolls round, gamers can have had masses of probabilities to get acquainted with how the Relic works and the way the 2 personalities in V’s mind compete for control. Whenever one is in price of V’s frame, the alternative one would not have any have an impact on on their actions, however can nevertheless see, hear, and be aware about what goes on round them.

This approach that in Johnny and Rogue’s date, V noticed and heard everything. Maybe it is why Rogue reduce the date quick as they had been approximately to have sex. Still, the whole collection did now no longer make lots experience withinside the context of V and Johnny’s predicament.

2 Johnny Is Not The “Real” Johnny And Rogue Should Know That

Even if Rogue ought to simply appearance beyond the discrepancies among Johnny’s persona and V’s looks, there’s one component that ought to make her reconsider her dating with Johnny.

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After he died in 2023, Arasaka used Soulkiller to switch Johnny’s engram onto the Relic. The recreation‘s lore explains Soulkiller and what it does quite well — it destroys the preliminary persona, or “soul”, and creates an actual virtual reproduction of it. It approach that despite the fact that the engram talked, behaved, and had the equal reminiscences as Silverhand, it wasn’t definitely him. As the maximum skilled fixer in Night City, Rogue turned into possibly aware about this, rendering her dating with Johnny’s engram pretty meaningless.

1 Johnny Didn’t Deserve Rogue

Rogue Almendiares turned into not anything however loving and useful to Johnny Silverhand all for the duration of the tale of Cyberpunk 2077, despite the fact that she had multiple cause to reject him altogether and prevent associating herself with the fallen rockstar. He cheated on her, in no way preferred her help, and found out his errors whilst it turned into some distance too overdue to do something approximately it. On pinnacle of all that, he shamelessly requested her to accompany him on a suicide assignment to Arasaka tower on the cease of the sport, which ended in her dying on the palms of Adam Smasher.

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