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Call Of Duty: Mobile – 10 Best Assault Rifles

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Wondering which Assault Rifles you must run with in Call of Duty: Mobile? This manual will element the first-rate and worst of them.

p>Call Of Duty: Mobile has come an extended manner seeing that its launch lower back in 2019 and has persevered main withinside the international of cell gaming. There are many capabilities in the sport that make it greater exciting than your usual cell offerings, and its numerous sport modes and guns positioned COD: Mobile in a category of its personal.

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As with some other shooter sport, there are unique lessons of guns. From attack rifles to lethal sniper rifles, there are masses to head around. Assault rifles have classically been a secure go-to for collection veterans, and the fashion holds actual withinside the franchise’s cell iteration. Let’s check the first-rate attack rifles the sport has to provide in addition to a number of the worst. Though all weapon stats may be elevated with the proper attachments, we’re going to be searching at them primarily based totally on their stats with out attachments.

Updated August 27th, 2021 through Robert Ugwu Obinna: Over the numerous seasons of COD: Mobile, numerous guns had been up to date at the same time as a few new ones had been introduced. With those many changes, it’s been made sure that no weapon will keep the pinnacle spot for too lengthy. Some attack rifles had been nerfed and eliminated from the object entirely, aleven though there is constantly a danger that they might make a comeback in upcoming seasons of COD: Mobile. If one hopes to retain dominating suits in the sport, then it is important to be on top of things with those changes.

10 AK-forty seven

The AK-forty seven may not be the first-rate consistent with the numbers, however it is simply now no longer to be overlooked. The distinction in stats as compared to different attack rifles isn’t always surely that much, and it’s miles first rate in maximum regions. The Ak-forty seven gives 33 Damage, sixty seven Accuracy, a strong Fire Rate of fifty five, and a number of fifty eight.

When it comes right all the way down to Mobility, the AK-forty seven rifle is as cell as they arrive because it has a score of 74. Any participant can experience assured at the same time as the usage of this gun in any sport mode. With a touch upgrade, it’s going to simply keep its personal towards the rest.

nine Man-O-War

This is but every other effective weapon to apply in COD: Mobile. With its 3 pictures to kill potential, the Man-O-War simply dominates in the ones medium and lengthy-variety gunfights. Its stats are pretty much like that of the ASM10. The Man-O-War’s Damage is 37, at the same time as it boasts an Accuracy of 69, a Fire Rate of 50, and a Range of fifty six. Though its variety is simply barely better than the ASM10, this distinction is negligible.

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Even with out attachments, this gun poses a chance to each opposing crew member. When wielded through a seasoned participant, it may be pretty bothersome.

eight Type 25

While this gun has one of the maximum numbers amongst attack rifles in terms of Fire Rate, the Type 25’s Range and Accuracy are each of its Achilles’ heels. With its variety being forty seven, this gun has one of the lowest rankings of all of the attack rifles on this area. It has a Damage of 24 and an Accuracy of 49 (which is likewise the bottom of all of the attack rifles).

Though the Type 25 attempts to make up for all this with a Fire Rate of sixty seven, it falls quick at the maximum critical aspects.

7 HVK-30

This is one of the funnier-searching attack rifles in COD: Mobile. This intimidating gun falls quick withinside the regions one could anticipate it to excel in. At 23, its Damage is desperately low. Its Accuracy is fifty five and its variety is fifty one.

What surely units it aside is its Fire Rate of 71. With a lot of these in mind, it is a marvel this gun continues to be one of the first-rate-acting guns in the sport, however statistics are statistics. The HVK-30 continues to be getting used to dominate in ranked suits in addition to the war royale.

6 Peacekeeper MK2

The Peacekeeper is a surely flexible weapon that suits unique performs styles, from passive to competitive gaming styles. With 26 Damage, fifty eight Accuracy, 50 Range, sixty five Fire Rate, eighty two Mobility, and fifty four Controls, the Peacekeeper isn’t to be underestimated.

This weapon may even be utilized in area of SMGs because of its outstanding mobility to hurry enemies, and the Peacekeeper intimidates nearly each attack rifle in terms of mobility. This gun can quick make any seasoned participant right into a threat at some stage in suits.

five ASM10

This rifle assessments all of the packing containers for the first-rate attack rifle experience. It has a Damage of 34, Accuracy of 72, Fire Rate of fifty five, and a Range of 48. These figures are pretty excessive as compared to a few different attack rifles in the sport.

The gun’s accuracy varies at unique distances relying at the participant, however maximum can agree that this gun is sort of unstoppable in near variety — specifically while the participant the usage of it lands a shot first. Its simplest downside is mobility. Opponents the usage of this gun must be approached with the identical gun and a great plan. Otherwise, it is first-rate to keep away from them.

four CR-fifty six AMAX

Though it changed into launched now no longer too lengthy in the past inner of COD: Mobile, the CR-fifty six AMAX has labored its manner to the pinnacle, being most of the first-rate attack rifles in the sport.

This gun comes with 25 Damage, 50 Accuracy, fifty one Range, fifty one Controls, a Fire Rate of 71, and a excellent Mobility score of 76. The latter  stats make the CR-fifty six AMAX one of the first-rate attack rifles in COD: Mobile.

three DR-H

This gun changed into as soon as taken into consideration to be the first-rate attack rifle in COD: Mobile, however possibly its largest dangers had been its mag length and its weight. When it involves stats, the DR-H gives 32 Damage, sixty three Accuracy, fifty seven Fire Rate, fifty seven Controls, seventy nine Mobility, and a Range of 64.

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While it may simplest deliver 20 bullets at a time and has a tendency to position its customers in dire straits while it runs out of juice in the front of an enemy, the DR-H continues to be quite deadly in near-variety combat.

2 AK117

The AK117 falls amongst the ones attack riffles with a completely excessive Fire Rate, even though this weapon is quite simple to apply due to its easy-to-manipulate recoil. Consequently, gamers can certainly depend on this weapon to win gunfights.

The AK117 has 25 Damage, sixty two Accuracy, forty five variety, forty six manipulate, seventy five mobility, and a quick Fire Rate of 77. This weapon is first-rate used for near medium-variety gunfights due to the fact there are attacks rifles that beat it in terms of lengthy-distance shootouts.


This is through some distance the first-rate attack rifle this season in COD: Mobile. With a excessive charge of hearthplace and speedy kill time, the AS VAL takes the pinnacle spot among different attack rifles in the sport.

It has a Damage of 28, an Accuracy of 44, and a first rate variety of 50. Furthermore, the AS VAL has a Fire Rate of 80, mobility of 83, and a manipulate of forty seven. With those excellent stats, this gun makes for an super SMG replacement at the same time as pleasurable its function as an attack rifle.

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