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Best Mac games 2022: what you should be playing right now

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Our alternatives for nice Mac video games may wonder you, however most effective in case you’re nevertheless below the impact that Macs aren’t geared up to deal with video games. While Apple is understood for its Apple Arcade sport service, we’re specially specializing in a number of the nice PC video games to be had that you could play to your Mac, whether or not it’s a MacBook or an iMac.

Once upon a time, it become proper that even the nice MacBooks and Macs weren’t taken into consideration gaming machines – specifically due to the fact builders weren’t making video games well suited with macOS. The launch of the M1 iMacs and MacBooks, however, marked a wonderful alternate in how succesful those portions of tech are in phrases of sport overall performance.

Models just like the 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro, geared up with M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, cope with heaps of famous video games readily and efficiency. Macs can be regarded for his or her productiveness and glossy design, however their gaming overall performance is not anything to scoff at. Plus, it’s clean to discover heaps of Mac video games on virtual storefronts that make downloading and gambling a breeze.

Some of the nice Mac video games may be located along their Windows PC opposite numbers on Steam, this means that Mac gaming is as clean as downloading thru the storefront and leaping proper in. Our pinnacle Mac sport alternatives of 2022 additionally have a few overlap with the nice Steam video games so that you’ll be capable of discover famous, updated video games readily.


Divinity Original Sin 2 gambling on a Mac

(Image credit: Larian Studios)

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Widely taken into consideration to be one of the nice role-gambling video games of all time, Divinity: Original Sin 2 merits an area on any Mac gamer’s computer.

No rely your playstyle, give up goals, or maybe ulterior motivations, Divinity adapts for your alternatives and helps you to play the manner you need to. With an in depth international, wealthy narrative lore, and loads of hours’ really well worth of content material, it’s far a deep and enjoyable sport that merits its accolades and is really well worth each penny.

A mining frigate mining an asteroid in EVE Online

(Image credit: CCP Games)

EVE Online

This almost 20-year-antique area MMO hasn’t neglected a step with age and now with a devoted Mac client, it is higher than ever and completely optimized for Apple’s M1 chip.

Whether it is epic area battles or constructing an complicated production empire, this MMO has had almost  many years to refine its formula. And with a currently redesigned new participant enjoy, there may be in no way been a higher time to get into one of the maximum dynamic free-to-play MMOs at the PC gaming scene.

A agreement in Civilization VI

(Image credit: 2K)

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

If you’re a fan of approach video games, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI need to be close to the pinnacle of your list. The long-lived approach collection sees you increase an empire from a tiny agreement to a international-dominating electricity, with opponents to weigh down or befriend as you chart your progress.

Should you’re taking a systematic method and surge in advance of your enemies technologically, or sweep them away with navy may? Given the variety of alternatives at your fingertips and the ever-converting map era and set of opponents, no sport will ever be the same.

Portal puzzle sport

(Image credit: Valve)

Portal Bundle

As a ways as puzzle video games go, Valve’s Portal has obtained close to-mythical status – and with accurate reason.

Portal become a ground-breaking identify similar to the Great American Short Story of video video games. Portal 2 takes the brain-bending mechanics of its predecessor and fleshes them out right into a longer, extra difficult tale.

It will have you ever giggling out loud and yelling in frustration with the aid of using turns, however the feeling of finishing a especially intricate stage is 2d to none. If puzzle video games are your thing, then the Portal Bundle desires to be on your Mac video games library.

Underwater view in Subnautica

(Image credit: Unkown Worlds Entertainment)


Subnautica sees you stranded on a mysterious planet – or rather, in its apparently infinite ocean – as a small fish in a very, very large pond.

To live to tell the tale, you ought to discover the subterranean depths and scavenge what little assets you could, however that is no clean task. Limited oxygen, unfathomable depths, and substantial creatures make exploring an often-perilous task, however it ought to be completed in case you are to live alive. Few video games integrate splendor with anxiety so successfully.

Disco Elysium

(Image credit: ZA/UM)

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

If you are a fan of the antique-college isometric RPGs of yore like Planescape: Torment and Fallout 2, then Disco Elysium has your call written throughout it.

A detective tale at coronary heart, Disco Elysium capabilities one of the maximum exclusive artwork sorts of any sport we will don’t forget way to its oil-painted scenes, deep tale-telling, and complete voice acting.

The recipient of a couple of awards after its 2019 launch, it is extensively taken into consideration to be one of the nice RPGs in current memory. You can now play it in all its glory at the Mac.

Hands retaining a map and compass on mountain in Firewatch

(Image credit: Campo Santo)


Love stunning, slow-paced video games? Firewatch may be proper up your alley, or wooded area trail.

This picturesque puzzler is ready withinside the Shoshone National Forest and places you withinside the footwear of a hearthplace lookout who unearths himself and his manager embroiled in an more and more more extraordinary mystery.

As you discover the wooded area, the sport takes ever darker turns as you delve to the lowest of its tale. Its sun-sopping wet surroundings and narrative storytelling – carried out over walkie-talkies – make it a luxurious enjoy for any Mac gamer.

Total War: Three Kingdoms battle

(Image credit: Sega)

Total War: Three Kingdoms

You ought to without difficulty simply switch in any of the Total War video games on this slot and it’d nevertheless be legit.

While Three Kingdoms is the trendy Total War addition, the current Warhammer installments withinside the collection (in addition to the drawing close Total War: Warhammer III) are all nicely represented at the Mac, as are Total War favorites Rome and Rome II.

So in case you’re trying to dig into the Total War enjoy, some thing your chosen period, you could without difficulty do it at the trendy Mac.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous gambling on a Mac

(Image credit: Owlcat Games)

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Making the leap from pen-and-paper, the Pathfinder RPG collection become nicely acquired in 2018 with Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Now, 2020’s Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous follows up that achievement with an all-new journey at the Mac.

If you are now no longer very acquainted with the Pathfinder universe it is now no longer the type of sport that holds your hand till you get your bearings, however it extra than makes up for that with its superb intensity of playable races and man or woman classes.

The gameplay hasn’t modified plenty from Kingmaker, however the sport is simply as fantastic to appearance at – and as amusing to play – way to the electricity of the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max processors on the brand new Mac devices.


(Image credit: Supergiant Games)


What else is there to say? One of the nice roguelike RPGs ever is to be had at the Mac, and if you have not looked at Hades, now could be the time.

As Zagreus, the Son of Hades, your venture is to attain Mount Olympus with the aid of using slicing a swath thru the Underworld with the assist of Greek mythology’s largest names. Throughout the sport, Zagreus profits abilities, dies, and starts offevolved once more in a Sisyphusean attempt to get away the area of the dead.

Winner of numerous awards just like the Critics Choice Award on the Golden Joystick Awards and Best Action at 2020’s Games Awards, that is one of the nice titles happening the Mac proper now.

Elder Scrolls Online

(Image credit: Bethesda)

 Elder Scrolls Online

When it involves MMORPGs, Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) from time to time flies below the radar, however that does not make it any much less marvelous a sport for that.

As the definitive on-line Elder Scrolls enjoy, whether or not it is PvE or PvP, ESO has an superb intensity of content material for gamers to wander away in.

It additionally simply must be emphasised that ESO has without difficulty one of the nice PvP studies of any MMORPG going, even in case you do not usually like PvP.

There is not anything pretty like storming a citadel with forty of your compatriots even as being doused in burning oil and surviving the ordeal to make a contribution to the bigger navy attempt to rule Cyrodiil to your faction.

Stellaris customization screen

(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)


Stellaris is one of the nice 4X approach video games ever made, so why now no longer play it on a Mac?

Whether it is seeking to shape alliances with different interstellar empires or dominate the chokepoints of the hyperlane community to nook the marketplace on a strategic resource, the approach factors right here are pinnacle-notch.

Add to that the capacity to construct an empire round a gestalt attention of insectoid devourers – who will prevent at not anything till the whole galaxy is subsumed into their hivemind – and you’ve a approach sport with superb intensity and infinite replayability.

Just be careful for the ones Fallen Empires at the outer edge of your domain…

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

(Image credit: Square Enix)

 Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Just so that you failed to suppose that every one the nice Mac video games have been approach and RPGs, we in reality endorse you take a look at out Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

In addition to being one of the nice movement video games ever, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is sincerely fantastic with its sprawling individual locales and spelunking goodness.

It’s the remaining installment of the Tomb Raider reboot however, fortunately, all of the preceding installments also are to be had, so there may be no higher time to dive into Lara Croft’s redemptive reboot trilogy than with that modern day Mac you simply got.

A tropical island below improvement in Tropico 6

(Image credit: Limbic Entertainment)

 Tropico 6

When it involves town builders, Tropico 6 is set as accurate as you will discover this aspect of Pharaoh.

As El Presidente of a totally-now no longer-Cuba Caribbean island, it is as much as you to elevate your small island country as much as greatness with the aid of using exporting uncooked materials, keeping off imperial capitalists, and fending off peasant revolutions over unpaid wages.

When in doubt, usually concentrate to Trotsky.

darkest dungeon

(Image credit: Red Hook)

 Darkest Dungeon

Easily one of the nice Lovecraft-stimulated video games ever made, Darkest Dungeon is the type of sport that rewards masochism.

Be organized to fill a graveyard with heroes. Abandon quests to shop favorites. Watch your group slowly crumble below the strain of adventuring in a non-Euclidean nightmare.

Then sell off them in a brothel and inform them to recover from it earlier than throwing them lower back into the combinationture to seal up a few cyclopean horror your ancestor unleashed unto the arena in his hubris. Macs have been made for this moment, do not allow them to let you know differently.

A guy with a crossbow appears over a valley complete of zombies

(Image credit: Techland)

 Dying Light

When it involves zombie video games, there are few that upward push to the extent of Dying Light.

The parkour-slash-melee-zombie-brawler-or-some thing is without difficulty one of the nice movement video games out there. Even after numerous years it appears fantastic and hasn’t misplaced a step in phrases of gameplay.

If you are seeking out a few zombie-killing movement on a Mac, that is simply the sport for you. Understandably, this sport is a chunk extra disturbing than maximum, so we would not endorse something much less than the M1 chip for this one.

Stardew Valley

(Image credit: ConcernedApe)

Stardew Valley

If you adore pixel artwork and farming simulation video games, Stardew Valley need to be to your radar. You can customise your man or woman’s look and domestic with heaps of various ornamental gadgets to select from.

You can select to rebuild your grandfather’s farm to its preceding glory, or select a extra capitalist direction with the aid of using partnering with the enterprise that’s moved into the valley.

Though this RPG in the beginning launched in 2016, it’s had regular updates – thru December 2021 – that make it a ought to-play for simulation sport fans. You also can play with up to a few of your buddies on co-op farms to percentage assets and rebuild the farm at a quicker pace.

A survivor in Rust, bare and alone

(Image credit: Facepunch Studios)


Rust made its debut in December 2013 and is now in its 8th year, having had over three hundred content material updates and a assured content material patch every month. The purpose in Rust is to live to tell the tale no matter the odds, as quite plenty the entirety withinside the international desires to kill you. This survival movement-RPG MMO lets in for pass platform multiplayer, however maximum gamers will kill you on site.

Truthfully, Rust may be a chunk of a grind and a chunk frustrating, however after you get the dangle of it and make allies with the aid of using becoming a member of clans it will become a sincerely compelling sport. Note, this sport isn’t always for the faint of coronary heart and is rated “Mature” because of blood and nudity. If you could cope with that, Rust can be an terrific desire to your Mac gaming journey.

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