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Tokyo Revengers: Each Main Character, Ranked By Strength

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Tokyo Revengers’ characters have precise strengths, however in terms of uncooked, bodily power, that is in which the anime collection’ characters stand.

p>It’s proper that power might not be the whole thing in existence however withinside the universe of Tokyo Revengers, uncooked electricity can be the distinction among existence and death. For the contributors of Toman and Moebius, honing their power and preventing skills/strategies is a full-time job. It’s in Takemichi’s great hobby to get in a few health clubnasium days as fights are a as an alternative everyday prevalence for each person worried with gangs.

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While every individual can be sturdy of their personal precise approaches, in terms of uncooked bodily electricity, now no longer each individual is frivolously matched. Here is every predominant individual in Tokyo Revengers, ranked via way of means of power.

Disclaimer: Light tale spoilers!

12 Emma Sano

Emma, Mikey’s half-sister, can be an critical a part of the collection however she isn’t always tons of a fighter. As of the second, the collection has installed her as an critical tie to each Draken and Mikey as Mikey’s own circle of relatives and Draken’s long-time friend (and ability love hobby).

Outside of her position as a person expensive to Mikey and Draken (Hinata as nicely when they cleared up any misunderstandings approximately Takemichi), Emma isn’t always precisely acknowledged for her power however for her coronary heart instead.

eleven Naoto Tachibana

Naoto Tachibana is Hinata’s more youthful brother and he is now no longer precisely acknowledged for his uncooked bodily power. It’s proper that Naoto shall we Takemichi deal with maximum of the heavy lifting (each figuratively and literally) of their research and pursuit to store Hinata’s existence however Naoto pulls his weight in approaches apart from bodily power.

Naoto’s number one supply of power comes from his intelligence and deduction skills. After all, with out Naoto’s help, Takemichi might don’t have any leads with the intention to set a right sport plan.

10 Hinata Tachibana

Hinata is the general catalyst for the activities of the whole collection as it’s miles the protagonist’s, Takemichi’s, predominant intention to defend her. However, Hinata isn’t always simply Takemichi’s sweetheart and a quite face. Hinata has proven off her power (and her bravery) on more than one activities in the course of the collection.

She can also additionally appear to be a lovely and harmless girl, however she isn’t always scared to arise for herself or the ones she loves, similar to whilst she stood her floor in opposition to Mikey whilst she notion Takemichi changed into in trouble. Not many humans have slapped the unstoppable Mikey and lived to inform the tale.

nine Takemichy (Takemichi Hanagaki)

Takemichi isn’t always an ideal protagonist; he is were given his truthful proportion of insecurities and weaknesses. However, it’s miles his flaws that make him such an exciting individual to observe in the course of the Tokyo Revengers tale. Takemichi is continuously down on himself, scolding himself for being too vulnerable or an excessive amount of of a coward, and even as he does nevertheless have his struggles, it is clean to look he is attempting his great.

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Takemichi’s predominant power lies inside his resilience; he might not be as sturdy as Mikey and the others, however his close to unbreakable will is truely really well worth a lot. It’s a brave (and possibly simply a chunk foolish) promise to make, however with any luck one day, Takemichi will make desirable on his phrase and in fact turn out to be the top of Toman one day.

eight Akkun (Atsushi Sendo)

Akkun is the brave chief of his organization of friends. Akkun can deal with his truthful proportion of fights and in spite of understanding that during all chance he’ll lose a combat, he nevertheless stands his floor and attempts his great to guard his friends.

Akkun’s predominant supply of power lies inside his loyalty and his severe preference to defend his cherished ones. The second Akkun and his gang got here in to store Draken and Takemichi, it changed into clean to lovers that Akkun’s coronary heart delivered to his bodily power.

7 Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutora hasn’t had that many possibilities to this point to show off his power however it is clean that as one of the authentic founding contributors of Toman, he has a variety of hidden qualities. Kazutora can without difficulty cope with himself in a combat however nevertheless absolutely is aware of whilst to name in for a few backup (or maybe inn to gambling dirty).

He’s a risky pressure to be reckoned with and his spontaneity best makes him a larger threat.

6 Chifuyu Matsuno

Chifuyu is Takemichi’s right-hand guy and Toman’s First Division Vice-Captain. Chifuyu can be a type individual with a massive coronary heart however that might not forestall him from setting his fists to apply whilst want be. Chifuyu is usually a pacifist however can truely cope with himself, no problem.

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This Vice-Captain can be one of the much less competitive contributors of Toman however he is proved the lengths of his power on some activities. Takemichi need to be counted number himself fortunate that he has this kind of sturdy and ready accomplice to cowl his back.

five Keisuke Baji

Baji is a former member of Toman and a brand new member of Valhalla. He’s showcased his competitive bodily power in many instances withinside the small quantity of time he is been round withinside the collection. Baji’s great friend, Chifuyu, is aware of firsthand precisely how sturdy Baji is after permitting him to overcome him subconscious with the intention to be part of Valhalla and show his loyalty.

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